Move over Google and Bard; Bharat GPT is here to rewrite the rules of AI. This is not just an AI model, even though it is an AI with an Indian soul reflecting a cultural revolution. Since AI is transforming our world, LLM (a large language model) empowers smart assistance and dominance across the globe. In reply, India has come out in the picture, showing its capability potential in response to Global LLM.

Imagine a language model that can understand India’s native languages like Chai, Samosa, and so on. Bharat GPT meets such desires and goes beyond mere language processing. After all, it has numerous specialties like training on massive Indian text, multilingual understanding, culturally aware companionship, and locally focused application. But the problem is very few people know about it, so here we will discuss Bharat GPT.

BHARAT GPT Unveiled: Decoding the Power and Potential

Without getting too technical, LLM is nothing but a computer program that has read all the books in the world and remembers everything. Apart from answering your query, it has developed a prediction system that can predict your next word in a sentence. However, LLM has somewhere restricted Indian users’ desires because Indian users want a language that can understand their native language.

For this, In a recent announcement at IIT-B’s Techfest, Akash Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Jio Infocomm, revealed a collaboration between IIT Bombay and Reliance Jio to develop AI called Bharat GPT. However, there is no exact date when this AI will be released, but it is expected to be launched in the early months of 2024. Remember, Bharat GPT is not just an LLM; it is an AI developed with India’s unique needs and cultural richness in mind. You can verify Bharat GPT’s Potential through the reference to its features listed below.

Key features of Bharat GPT

Multilingual Capabilities

Bharat GPT is not confined only to English; it is trained on a huge dataset of Indian languages like Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, etc. This results in AI understanding and generating text in multiple languages, breaking down barriers within India.

Focused On Indian Data

Aside from knowing the globe, sometimes LLM needs help finding specific information about India. However, Bharat GPT seems to stick to Indian data as it includes information about news articles, literature, social media conversations, and even historical texts of India. 

Aware of Cultural Ethics

Previously, LLM did not consider local humor like your uncle’s funny jokes. Resulting in that we all feel somewhat robotic. But Bharat GPT will bridge that gap by adding cultural awareness to it. It has an understanding of local humor, regional variation in language, and natural conversation to make the interaction more engaging.

Divergent Use Cases

With Bharat GPT, Users in India will benefit from AI-powered education in regional languages. This Chatbot will understand your dialect so that everything aligns with the Indian storytelling style. Meanwhile, You can use Bharat GPT for varied scenarios.

Showcasing India’s AI future

Bharat GPT was influencing a step forward in India’s technological independence. From this channel, we can expect India’s growing AI Expertise. In the beginning, Chatbot is so planned and tailored that in the future, it will surely show core competencies in the AI industry.

Bharat GPT vs. ChatGPT: AI with a Desi Twist

Since it entered the Chatbot domain, some of you crave to know how it differs from the industry’s giant “ChatGPT.” For this, we tried to figure out the potential of both the Chabots and found that ChatGPT is a broad LLM offering broad capabilities across languages and tasks. Bharat GPT is a specific LLM for Indian users, catering to local languages, contexts, and applications. For a better view, here are some parameters that made a distinction between them.

Benefits and Opportunities

Noting the capabilities and potential of Bharat GPT, we find that these AI Chatbots cater to three segments of people. These are individuals, businesses, and India’s digital future. So, along with the features mentioned earlier, below are the opportunities we can expect from Bharat GPT.

  • Personalized Assistance Provided for Individuals
  • Enhanced information access to reduce finding data struggle
  • To boost creativity for daily general tasks
  • Provides Data Analysis with Desi Touch
  • Trying to Preserve Cultural Heritage
  • Driving Inclusive growth to become technology-independent

Final Thoughts

BHARAT GPT emerges as a formidable force in artificial intelligence, offering unparalleled advantages in natural language processing and diverse applications. Its potential to shape India’s AI landscape is immense, promising innovation and progress. As we look ahead, optimism surrounds BHARAT GPT, foreseeing ground-breaking contributions to technology and society. Stay informed, stay engaged—explore the evolving landscape of BHARAT GPT and witness its transformative journey. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What does the GPT stand for?

Ans. It stands for Generative Pre-trained transformer.

Q2. Is ChatGPT an Indian app?

Ans. The company behind it is OpenAI, which is incorporated outside India, meaning ChatGPT is not an Indian app.

Q3. Who is the father of AI?

Ans. John McCarthy was always known as the Father of AI.

Q4. Who brought AI to India?

Ans. AI brought into India by Professor H.N Mahabala in 1960s.