ChatGPT is the industry’s renowned AI language model that has become the preference of millions of users. This is because of this chatbot’s efficiency, which no one can replicate. With ChatGPT, you can perform natural language processing, generate creative text, provide informative responses, and even analyse files. Even in its early days, ChatGPT has been working well, although it is still under development.

Developers try to incorporate new things into the existing chatbot to make it more useful. Developers from ChatGPT always add something new, like recently seeing the potential for uploading and analysing files. However, this feature is in beta and only available for ChatGPT Plus users. Even so, only a few people know about it, so let us have a quick overview.

Unleashing ChatGPT’s Analytical Power: A Guide to Uploading and Understanding Files

Previously, ChatGPT was limited to analysing only text prompts. I agree that premium users have a more comprehensive range of options. Nevertheless, you must manually select whether to search with GPT 4, Bing, or any other medium. Fortunately, based on the last few glimpses from user experiences and the OpenAI community, it has been found that ChatGPT is planning to roll out a new version for premium users. As part of this, they are conducting beta tests and have added a new upload and analysis feature.

Since there is no official notification about these new features, only some users know them. Beta participants observed that ChatGPT Plus can now receive input in image, audio, document, spreadsheet, PDF, and code files, apart from text, and can analyse them more straightforwardly. Additionally, when any data was unavailable in ChatGPT’s database, it would not respond anymore, and users had to select Bing to get an answer manually. Nevertheless, now the chatbot automatically switches to Bing if necessary. You are eager to use this feature now, so let us begin.

Steps to Join ChatGPT Plus Beta

You are already familiar with the feature that we are going to discuss here or to refresh your memory, and we will explain the “Upload files and analyse” feature. However, you must be part of the beta test to get started. If you are interested in joining the beta test and taking advantage of the new features, here are the instructions:

Note: To join ChatGPT Plus Beta, you need to be an active ChatGPT Plus subscriber (costs $20/month). Otherwise, you cannot access the “Upload and analyse” feature.

  • Visit the ChatGPT official website.
  • Log in to your ChatGPT Plus account.
  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Click on the “Beta Features” tab.
  • Enable the toggle on “Enable beta features”.
  • Finally, click “Join ChatGPT Plus Beta,” and you are done.

Uploading files to ChatGPT Plus

The previous user experience showed that the new integration of various upload formats (images, PDFs, spreadsheets, and code files) provides a convenient environment. Users must upload and analyse their files using text prompts or any other suitable method. Assuming you have followed the above steps to enter ChatGPT Plus Beta, you are now ready to upload files. Let us move on to the steps below.

  • On your ChatGPT Plus interface, click the “Upload file” button.
  • Select the file that you want to upload.
  • Click on the “Open” button.
  • ChatGPT will start uploading the file.
  • That is it! Your task of uploading files on ChatGPT Plus is now complete.

Analysing files with ChatGPT

Although this section does not need further explanation, we understand that some of our audience is entirely new to such a chatbot. Moreover, they need to learn how to analyse their uploaded file. So, noting that fact and assuming that you have successfully followed the steps mentioned above, we are sharing some insights on analysing files with ChatGPT below.

Note: There could be many use cases for this new upload and analysis feature in ChatGPT Plus. However, to provide a clear view, we are sharing a use case where we summarise key points from a PDF.

  • Upload the PDF file in the same way as mentioned above.
  • Then, ask ChatGPT to summarise the key points from it.
  • Following this, ChatGPT starts its analysis and processing for a few seconds.
  • In the next moment, you will see key points from the uploaded PDF file.
  • That is it! In this way, you can analyse any file format with it.

Best Use Cases for ChatGPT Plus Beta “Upload and Analyse” Feature

Most of you understand this ChatGPT Plus upload and analysis feature. However, some of you want more clarity about it, specifically in what other ways we can use this feature. Based on that, we tried to figure it out and subsequently found some best use cases you should adopt and start your journey with. These use cases are mentioned below.

  • A researcher could upload a dataset of scientific papers on climate change and use it to identify the most common trends and patterns in the data.
  • As a business analyst, you can upload a spreadsheet of customer data and group customers based on specific criteria.
  • This feature best suits coders who upload code and ask ChatGPT to identify errors.
  • A writer can use it to get feedback on characters by uploading a novel.
  • Teachers can use this feature to generate personalised learning material for each student.

Limitations and considerations

Even as of now, there have been no complaints about ChatGPT Plus’ upload and analysis feature. However, since it is still a tool under development, you need to consider its downsides or limitations. For example, the maximum file size that can be uploaded is 10MB. The file types mentioned above are the only ones the analysis feature works with. There is a possibility of inaccurate data and bias.


To sum up, ChatGPT’s beta “Upload and Analyse” feature offers a wide array of applications, from text analysis to image recognition and transcription. It simplifies complex tasks, saves time, and enhances productivity. We encourage users to tap into this powerful tool and unlock its potential for efficient file analysis, making ChatGPT an invaluable resource for various tasks. Embrace the future of AI-powered analysis and see what ChatGPT can do for you.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is new with ChatGPT Plus?

Ans. The new additions include the chatbot’s ability to accept various uploads and provide personalised analysis. Additionally, it has multimodal functionality, allowing it to switch to Bing as needed.

Q2. What is advanced data analysis in ChatGPT 4?

Ans. It is a capability of ChatGPT that allows users to upload data and instruct ChatGPT to write and test codes.

Q3. Can ChatGPT analyse data in Excel?

Ans. Yes, ChatGPT accepts Excel sheets so that you can analyse Excel data.

Q4. Can ChatGPT 4 summarise PDFs?

Ans. You can have your PDFs summarised, but up to 3 PDFs of 120 pages per day, with further extensions costing $5 per month.