OpenAI has provided the world with many AI tools, and it is good to know that each product has become successful. Even Microsoft uses one of them for Bing AI. However, this is a discussion about DALL-E and an AI model. Along with them, OpenAI released a major title now dominant in content creation called ChatGPT. It has become so popular that no user can forget it.

It is an excellent tool for writing content, but this AI chatbot still needs more advancement. However, comparing it to other market players would be best. This is because the chatbot was trained on a user base, making it more accurate. Initially, it was released for individuals, but they released ChatGPT Enterprises yesterday. Let us take a look to see what is unique about it.

Currently, developers from OpenAI only cater to individual users. However, some users have subscribed to such plans, and multiple friends use them. This works to split the plan amount and use it for multiple users. However, the problem here is that dividing a single plan among numerous friends leads to slower processing speeds and invites several consequences.

OpenAI Introduces ChatGPT Business Version – ChatGPT Enterprise

To address this, OpenAI has introduced ChatGPT Enterprise, which is focused solely on business organizations. The developers have commented that this subscription plan would differ from the usual one. Here, the processing speed is double that of the usual plan, and you can customize it and increase its stability. Meanwhile, they understand the needs of businesses and have released such a plan, but what is unique about it? Let us discuss.

Increased Quota

With the usual ChatGPT subscription, you get a cap on the messages you can send within selected hours. For example, ChatGPT users can send only 50 messages every three hours. However, with the ChatGPT Enterprise plan, there is no such limit. You can search for any prompt with unlimited access.

Priority support

Moreover, you will not encounter any problems when subscribing to this plan. However, in case of urgency or any problems with this plan, you can raise a help request. I agree that this option is available for every ChatGPT user, but enterprise plan holders will be given priority over other plan holders.


With any other plan, you do not have customization support. However, ChatGPT understands this and has released a customization option. By subscribing to ChatGPT Enterprises, you can customize things according to your individual needs, as every organization has a different style of workspace.

Enterprise-grade security

Along with feature add-ons, the Enterprise plan also provides that level of security. Data encryption is at rest (AES 256) and in transit (TLS 1.2+). Apart from that, the enterprise’s plan is SOC 2 compliant, meaning there is no compromise with the enterprise’s confidential research. From a security point of view, this plan is the best.

Besides these significant attributes, ChatGPT Enterprises has plenty of unique things, such as unlimited access to advanced data analytics (code interpreter), a 32K token context window for 4K long inputs, shareable chat templates, and free credits to use their APIs. There is an analytics dashboard, SSO, domain verification, and an admin console with bulk member management features. Now, after reading about the speciality of ChatGPT Enterprises, you are craving to buy this plan.

Nevertheless, since there is no specific pricing for such a plan, we cannot only provide information about the price. However, developers have provided a “Contact Sales” page where we can inquire about the price according to our company’s size and needs, and they can quote a price accordingly. After all, every organization has different needs, so pricing also differs. Visit the contact page, enter your details, and wait for a price quote email to buy it. So, there currently needs to be details for ChatGPT Enterprise. Let us see what more we can disclose in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does ChatGPT have a business account?

Ans. Yes, from now on, you can subscribe to ChatGPT Enterprises to meet your business needs.

Q2. Is there better AI than OpenAI?

Ans. There are other players in the market, too, such as SAP HANA Cloud, Vertex AI, etc.

Q3. Is ChatGPT free?

Ans. It is partially free, but you need to pay for limited features to overcome those limitations.

Q4: What is Google’s version of ChatGPT?

Ans. It is Google Bard, which runs on the Palm 2 language model.