Samsung launched the successor to one of its most popular smartphones, the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The device comes with significant camera improvements and optimized existing features, such as the Astrophoto feature, which has been one of the highlights of the device’s camera thanks to the pixel binning algorithm.

You can easily capture great-looking shots in the new AstroHyperLapse. The company has released a video on this so people who buy the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra can use its Astrophoto and AstroHyperlapse features, developed by professional photographer Michael Shainblum. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at this.


To capture an astrophoto with a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, you need a sturdy place to set up your tripod, as the camera requires a long exposure. After taking the photo, you can download and install Expert RAW, a free app on the Galaxy Store. This allows you to further enhance the image, as it allows you to check different compositions, use the RAW functionality, and enable the Special Photo option, which will allow you to capture an astrophoto mode.

With the AI segmentation and multi-frame feature, you can get the best results in the night sky.
Therefore, it even has points to capture the location of astral bodies like planets and constellations. To get the best results, it is recommended that you keep the exposure time at 10 minutes, but you can also keep it at a 4-minute window. You can also use the wide lens and set the focus to 0.9 to capture sharp stars.


Moving to another feature for night photography, this feature will appear under the “More” menu. From there, choose “UHD” and then set a recording speed of x300, and then choose the “Star Trail” option, and then click on the “Shutter” option. Next, you can start recording videos; it is recommended that you record an hour-long video. This will give you a gradual movement of the stars in the sky and compress your footage into a hypnotic short video of moving stars.