CALL OF DUTY: BATTLE ROYAL is a brilliant game this game has ingenious weapons and vehicles. This is free to play games for Android and iOS, and it is also available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows. This game allowed 150 players to fight in a single match.

The graphics of the game are outstanding, and it also has an ultra-high Quality graphics mode. The game has three primary ways: Plunder, Realism, and Battle Royale. It also has SOLO, DUOS, and SQUADS are in the game, and this is only one game which gets 60 million downloads in the first two months.

This game is similar to the other Battle Royal games. It also depends on Zone shrinking, and the last remaining player gets Winner of the game in the game. Meanwhile, the non-playable area is filled with green gas that reduces Health and eventually kills the player if the player is not going back to the playable area. This game is similar, but it is based on new generation weapons and things.


  • COD is a very advanced game than others.
  • COD is the same game as a PUBG, but it has different weapons and Vehicles.
  • This game support only Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Play Station 4. Only it is not available for Android and iOS now.


Call of Duty: Warzone

This game is better than PUBG because it has very smart weapons and Vehicles. PUBG have based on old weapons and vehicles, and the play area is PUBG is also very decent. Still, in COD, you can see advanced play area and vehicles and weapons; also, the dressing and settings are also decent in PUBG.

Still, COD has very advanced dressing and Settings also but Classic mode Battle Royal mode of PUBG is definitely attractive then COD because PUBG gets top platform in gaming, and COD is new in gaming, so it takes some time to make fan following like PUBG.


  • Go to your play store and install the game or click on the link given below.


  • Install the game and play.
  • Open the game and create your account with your Gmail account or Other.


Call of Duty: Warzone

COD War Zone is Release on 10 March 2020 by Activision, and this is another series of CALL OF DUTY. It is work on IW ENGINE 8.0 engine, and it is designed by INFINITY WARD and RAVEN SOFTWARE. In the game, you can see the new currency CASH, which is used to Buy Stations. It supports only Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows.

Noteworthy: COD and COD WARZONE both are different games the link we provide is for COD not for COD WAR ZONE because COD WAR ZONE is not released for Android and iOS now.

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