We have been using a dedicated instant messaging service called WhatsApp for several years. Initially, there were plenty of such apps, but over the last two years, WhatsApp has shown massive aggression towards their growth. Specifically, whether you look for a broadcast feature, Call link feature or any other, they all focus on an easy experience here.

However, sometimes people find bugs with these features, but in such cases, WhatsApp developers are attentive. They do look for instant solutions to wipe out such problems. Continuing the same flow, WhatsApp gradually rolled out a Channel feature through which mainly businesses get much help. However, being a hidden thing, more users need to learn about it. So, let us discuss what exactly it is.

WhatsApp announced Channels with several advanced features for business.

WhatsApp’s Channel feature is officially available for all users in India. However, somehow, the rollout seems slow as few users have gotten this feature till now. More likely, in the coming weeks, everyone will get it. , this new feature is available for iOS and Web users too. However, one thing to note here is that there might be differences in timing for getting channel features on these platforms.

What is WhatsApp's new feature called 'Channel - How to use WhatsApp Channels to follow celebrities, and create a WhatsApp Channel: A step-by-step guide with all key features

I agree that the WhatsApp channel feature seems identical to their previous broadcast. However, here, you should note that there is a difference between them. WhatsApp Broadcast was announced to provide more flexibility and one-way communication. It is also a somewhat private chat interaction. Nevertheless, there are a few things that made WhatsApp Channel roll out.

Specifically, WhatsApp Broadcast was limited to 256 recipients per broadcast list and could not share personal messages or similar things. In contrast, the WhatsApp channel is just the opposite here. You can add 2 million subscribers per channel and send personalized messages to participants. These attributes make the WhatsApp channel focused on businesses. To understand better, you can look at the benefits below, but before that, check out how to create such a channel.

What is WhatsApp's new feature called 'Channel - How to use WhatsApp Channels to follow celebrities, and create a WhatsApp Channel: A step-by-step guide with all key features
  • Open WhatsApp on your device.
  • Then head to the status tab there.
  • Now tap on the + icon appearing in the top right corner.
  • Next, choose the new channel and enter the name and description of the channel.
  • After that, upload a profile picture to it.
  • Lastly, hit the create channel, and you are done.

After creating this channel, you might wonder what you could do with this new feature. For this, we are sharing what specific tasks you can do with it below. However these are just basic examples, but you can do a lot with this new channel feature. So, without further delay, let us look at what makes the WhatsApp Channel so special.

class="wp-block-heading">Reach a larger audience.

The most noticeable capability of the WhatsApp channel is its audience size. As the WhatsApp Group was limited, they released a broadcast feature. Similarly, now broadcast seems limited, and businesses are looking for something more flexible. I agree you will hint toward WhatsApp business, but remember there are also some limitations. Nevertheless, the WhatsApp Channel makes things easier with the capability to reach a large audience.

One-way communication

Another significant feature that makes it special for businesses is One-way communication. Businesses need to advertise their new products or roll out information and updates. However, with previous groups and channels, they needed to send them individually. However, now, with this feature, users can get the benefit of sending messages to an audience without making them being able to respond directly.

Diversified content selection

WhatsApp channels can share varied types of content, like if you want to share content, whether in terms of images, video, text or polls. You can do that all with this new feature. Remember, up to this extent of content availability, WhatsApp does not have any feature, but with this channel feature, things become easier and more concise.

Flexible privacy section

Previously, it could be sent private or public when you wanted to share any update or information in a WhatsApp group or broadcast. However, WhatsApp Channel made it to the right line, allowing users to choose whether to create a channel for public or private access. And this feature seems the most enquiring, as privacy matters a lot.

Figure out leads and sales.

On Telegram, you can see numerous channels for loot deals—something of that kind you can avail on WhatsApp too. I mean to say that with the WhatsApp Channel, you can share your brand’s new products with details and discount details. So that the channel participant can know which product from your side is available for discount, it ultimately helps you generate leads and convert them into sales. 

Besides that, there are more features to look for in the WhatsApp channel. You can increase brand awareness, provide customer support, and drive more traffic to your web page. To be close, especially for a news organization, non-profit organization or any other business, the WhatsApp channel would be the best service. I think this free-to-use feature would change the entire industry. Let us see what will happen, so be ready for your chance to use this feature. This feature will likely be available for every user, and I hope some of you get it.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is a WhatsApp channel?

Ans. A new feature from WhatsApp focuses on engaging a large audience under one roof.

Q2. Is the WhatsApp channel available in India?

Ans. Yes, it is available for other 150 counties worldwide.

Q3. How do I verify my WhatsApp channel?

Ans. You can verify it from the Security centre under Meta business manager.

Q4. Is WhatsApp a secure channel?

Ans. Do not worry; and it is also an end-to-end encryption feature.