Bumble is a popular dating app that recently released a new standalone version focused on helping you find new friends. People have had difficulty finding girlfriends or boyfriends in the past, but lately, many people have been struggling to make friends, which is a serious and important issue. Making new friends and talking to people can refresh your mind and improve your mental health.

The company’s new app, Bumble for Friends, is a standalone app that includes Bumble BFF mode, also available in the main app. More like a spin-off of the app, Bumble BFF makes it easier to set up group meetings, and those who actively use Bumble can now use their existing Bumble Profile to access Bumble for Friends without creating a new account.

Bumble for Friends

This is a spin-off of the main Bumble app’s BFF mode, called Bumble for Friends. If you’ve used Bumble before, you won’t have much difficulty because this app is quite similar to the Bumble app. You can upload multiple images here, various prompts, highlight your interests, and specify what you’re looking for in a friend.

Based on your preferences, Bumble’s algorithm will help you find friends. BFF mode in Bumble is quite useful for many people because many people use Bumble not for dating but simply to make friends. It’s a great move for Bumble to release this specific app for friends.

Once you match, you can use the app like any other social media app to share stories, have group conversations, and meet up with friends you’ve met on Bumble. This app can be a great gathering and friend-making app for those who are lonely or don’t have friends.

Although this app is free, it also has a paid membership like Bumble, which allows users to have Swipes, Unlimited likes, and other premium features. Additionally, Bumble offers the option to transfer profiles, which may initially cause confusion but will become clear once users use the app.

In a recent survey conducted by the company, 67% of GenZ voted for an app that helps them make new friends, which is the main reason for Bumble to release this standalone app. Approximately 15% of users only use Bumble’s BFF mode, so creating a standalone app for BFF mode is a good step. During testing, it was found that Bumble for Friends promotes the same gender more than other users, and it also prompts activities such as Meet for Coffee, Let’s Grab a Bite, Live Music or Show, and Game Night. Users can also customize their preferences.

Bumble has implemented the same safeguards in its standalone app as in its official app, so there’s no need to worry about malicious activity. If you do encounter something inappropriate, you can report the user. However, many features in BFF mode are still only available in the standalone app. Another thing to keep in mind is that once you transfer your profile from Bumble BFF to Bumble For Friends, you can’t revert it. The app is available for Android and iOS platforms, so feel free to try it.

Bumble is competing with popular friend-finding apps like Yubo, Lmk, Wink, Wizz, Swipr, and Hopp, which help connect people using Snapchat. If you enjoy BFF mode on Bumble, would you prefer to switch to the new standalone app or continue using the official app? Due to loneliness, many GenZ users are making new friends on apps like Discord, where they can chat in chatrooms, so this app could be a good alternative.