We all have been Used the Plastic Back Smartphone, especially those Budget Range Like Realme and Vivo. They Always use Plastic Rear Panel on there Smartphone. Which Disappoint the majority of the People, But We make it Clear that. Those Who are going to Use the Smartphone are Not going to Buy the Device Again. If they Broke there Glass Rear Panel or Without Using a Protective case or Cover on there Smartphone.


People Judge the Smartphone based on there Rear Panel, They Think that the Smartphone Without a Glossy Glass Back is not a Premium Device. But Manufacture Like Vivo and Oppo Serve a Glossy Glass Finish Using a Polycarbonate Material. Even People Suppose that the Device is Not Good as other and Not Going Performance Well.

Vivo X23
Vivo X23

Let’s Took a Some Device With Plastic back Like Google Pixel 3A. Bring a Great Camera, Performance and pixel Experience on Lower Price Segment. Where to cut Price and People Who are Going to Use these are Probably Not Want to Crack there Phone. Device Require a More than the Rear Panel Such as Camera Sensor, Display and Chipset.

Similarly, the POCO Phone Comes into Market. WHich also has the Plastic Design back and not to Mention Top-Notch Specs Flagship. Which bring Similar Performance Like Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9. This Poco Phone Cost 1/3 amount of they Sell there, Some People Thinking that How Xiaomi manage to Serve this. Looking its Build Material it’s Clear Everything.


Metal vs Plastic vs Glass: What’s the Best Material for Smartphones?

Sometimes, A Shiny Design Rear Panel is Cool But the Main thing Does it Can Handle Why you want to do? The POCO uses a Polycarbonate Composite Material.
Not only This the Plastic Back Also allow Newer Technology like Sub-6 GHz and 5G, Where it Need Special Place to Work Done.

These technologies Natively Work through those Plastic materials. Additionally, Something Which We can use in Plastic is Wireless Charging, Which Can’t be Performa Using Glass material. Even the Water and Dust Resistance are Better on Plastic Panel Comparing to Glass Panel.

Which body is good for phones, metal or plastic?

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The Only Reason to Buy those smartphones is that these Look Awesome and Feel Cool in Public. But That Doesn’t Mean that the Plastic is Bad, It Makes Sense to Use Plastic Back.

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