smartphone displays are impacting our eye health, Here are a few things you can do to limit the impact.

Blue Light From Smartphone Can Cause Blindness and Hurt Our Vision. Which is Proven in the University of Toledo, Blue light has an Ability to Damage your Cell in the Retina. In the Result Blue light Generate a Toxic Chemical Which Damage Our Photoreceptor. If your Photoreceptor once Die it can’t be Restore.

Many of the Smartphone Manufacture also features a Reading Mode or Global Eye Protection, Which Filter a Blue Light By Changing the Color Temperatur and Represtatniopn of colour. Bluelight not Just only Emitting from Smartphone it also Coming Out from TVs, But there are a Differences of an amount of Exposure.

If you are using your Smartphone are More Worse than Sitting in a LightRoom. It also affects the Sleep Time Wich is also Called as Circadian Rytm, It Slow Down Melatonin Production. Melatonin Is a Hormone is that Which regulates a Sleep. The Green, Yellow and Red lights Don’t Affect our Retina, But Blue Light can Kill any Cell Type.

Blue light from phones

Blue Light is Relatively High in Energy Compare to Other, not to Mention Blue Light has a Shorter Wavelength.
Blue Light from Natural and Artifical Sources help to Feel Energized and focused.

Most of the Mobile App uses a Whiter Interface, Were Wite light COntain all the Color of the Spectrum Including “Blue”.  Also LED Screen uses a Ble LEDs as Base to Combined With Different Chemical called Phosphorus to Produce White in Color.


The Problem that occurs as a Weak Immune System, Poor Memory and Weight Gain too. While there is also a UV Reduction Eyewear in the Market for a while.

Tell us What did you do to Protect yours from Ble Light! Stay tuned for More Informative Articles.