Twitter introduced Twitter Blue, now known as X Blue, at the beginning of this year. It gives you a Blue Checkmark and many additional functionalities, such as the ability to edit Tweets and high-quality videos, among other great features. Many people only subscribe to Twitter Blue for its features and want to avoid displaying the Blue Checkmark. Finally, this feature has been added, and you can now hide your Twitter Blue Checkmark.

Many users demanded the option to hide their Twitter Blue Checkmark. You can disable your Blue Checkmark, and it will not show up on your profile or posts. However, some things will still indicate that you have active subscriptions, and some features may not work if the Blue Checkmark is hidden.

Twitter Blue

The cost of Iski is $8/month or $84/year, while on iOS, it costs $7.99 with a renewable fee of $11/month. It offers a variety of features that enhance your Twitter experience, such as Edit Post, Half Ads, Prioritised Ranking in Conversation and Search, Longer Posts, Text Formatting, Bookmark Folders, Custom App Icon, Custom Navigation, Space Tab, Reader, Undo Post, Longer Video Upload, Access to Media Studio, Theme, NFT Profile Pictures, SMS 2FA, and now finally an option to hide your Blue Checkmark.

Previously, the Twitter Blue Checkmark was used only to verify that an account was real and to check its credibility. However, after Twitter Blue, several changes were made to prevent the creation of fake accounts and the spread of misinformation. Currently, Twitter has three types of checkmarks: Twitter Blue and Legacy Blue in blue, Grey for government, and Golden for businesses and organisations, which will also be reflected on employees’ accounts along with the organisation’s Twitter profile.

If you have a subscription to Twitter Blue, a Blue Checkmark will appear on your profile, and for those who were previously legacy verified, the date will also be mentioned so that it can be determined which legacies existed before the Twitter Blue subscription system. Elon Musk, who has taken over Twitter, has now rebranded the company as X. The company is also pushing to create an everything app, in which Elon Musk wants to create a financial app.

Last week, the Twitter logo was replaced with an X, and even the Twitter billboard was replaced with an X from the company’s building. Twitter branding is gradually transitioning to X, but there are still many places, especially on the web, where changes can be made. The company is pushing to promote Twitter Blue, as well as the new features that we have discussed and other new features that will be added.