TCL Acquired Blackberry Several years ago, Which is a Major Smartphone once in Industry. TCL Launched its Mid-Range Smartphone With Two Important Key factor the Design and the Camera of the Smartphone.

Which Compete With Pixel 3A XL, They Didn’t Exactly a Camera Centric Smartphone But one of the Key Factor of Recently Launched TCL Plex.

Blackberry is Missing from a Smartphone Industry for a Long Time Since there Hit. TCL Confirm that the Device from Blackberry Will Not Come 5G any Time Soon.
The absence from a Major Exposure the Upcoming Devices Will probably to Remain As Affordable Mid-Range Devices.

5G BlackBerry

In Contrast, They don’t announce anything about there Upcoming Smartphone for a Long Time. This Year they didn’t launch any Single Phone. Furthermore, they are Looking for those areas Where 5G Technology Could be possible.

TCL’s General Manager of Marketing, Stefan Streit Said During a CCS insight Prediction Even in London

  • “I don’t see the point of 5G on a BlackBerry,”
  • “It’s not an entertainment device and you can already get your email fast,”
  • “We can have a lot of fun with 5G and where to apply it – may be in an 8K TV or a fridge.”

TCL is not going to Invest in 5G Connectivity, They having Some Plane for 5G inn 202, Maybe with Alcatel. We Belive they Will launched an Affordable Smartphone
Starting ~$600 between ~$500 by the Middle of Next Year.

The only reason is that the Available Connectivity Globally, The Supply Will outweigh Demand Leading Widespread Price Cuts. Moreover, The Device Will Arrive by 2020 adopting 5G Mainstream.

5G BlackBerry

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