Stickers and emojis may appear in these videos if you download a video from any of your favourite sites or platforms. Many stickers and emojis are included when you create videos using these platforms, such as Snapchat and Instagram. You should remove the stickers and emojis from the video for several reasons, including that they take away the original feel or essence of the video.

You might have considered adding a sticker or an emoji at the time as an innovative idea but later regretted it. Also, if you want your video to appear professional, there are more appropriate choices than stickers and emojis. This blog will teach you how to remove stickers from your video, regardless of the reason.

How to Remove Emojis from a Video

Emoji Removal from Video Using an Online Emoji Remover

A video can be stripped of emojis using the Emoji Remover tool. It is designed to help remove any watermark from your video, including logo watermarks, stickers, emojis, texts, subtitles, and anything else you don’t want on your video. It also ensures that only the parts of the video you need to see are displayed.

The free version of this tool allows you to process ten video files up to 100 MB in size and 10 minutes in length. You need to upgrade to the premium version of Emoji Remover to increase your limits.

This Emoji remover tool provides users with additional options. You don’t need to register to use this free tool, and you are not required to download any software. This Emoji remover tool will keep you anonymous, and no ads will be displayed. Your uploaded files will be deleted once you are done processing them.

It works on all platforms, including iPhone, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac, and iPad. Using a modern internet browser on your device, you can remove emojis from videos using this tool.

The tool has an intuitive interface, making it easy for beginners to use. It supports all major input formats, such as MP4, 3GP, FLV, AVI, WMV, MOV, MPG, MPEG, etc. The following steps will help you remove emojis from online videos with the Watermark Remover:

  • Upload your video by clicking the “Choose Files” button at the top of the site. Alternatively, you can use the second option to upload a video straight from TikTok or YouTube.
  • Find the area of the emoji or sticker and use the lasso tool to outline it. Be sure to click the “Add Area” button first, or you won’t be able to use the lasso tool.

Modify and Eliminate Emoji from a Video

When you select the Remove Watermark button, the desired emoji or sticker will be eliminated, leaving you with blank space and producing a new video without obstructions. You may now save it.

Get rid of emojis and post a new video online.

Using an online sticker trimmer, remove the sticker from the video.

The second recommended tool you can use for trimming online videos to remove stickers is the Emoji Trimmer. This tool effectively removes stickers and emojis from videos. Furthermore, it is free; it does not add watermarks to the final video, and no ads interrupt the editing process.

You can drag the video frame to remove unwanted parts, leaving the features you want to watch. This allows you to rotate videos clockwise or anticlockwise if you shoot them in a mode you wish to change.

In this way, you can edit your video by adjusting its brightness, saturation, and contrast to create a more visually pleasing presentation. Video Trimmer supports many video resolutions, including 240p and 1080p. With this online video trimmer, here’s how to remove stickers and emojis from your videos.

  • First, upload the video to Video Trimmer using the “Choose Files” tab. You can also upload videos to an online video editing tool.
  • Trim the video online to remove the sticker. To process the video, click “Start.”
  • Select the video output format and click “Save” to save the video.
  • Save the trimmed video to your local device’s storage.

Using the Online Emoji Cropper, you can remove an emoji from a video.

Technology Emoji Cropper helps you crop online videos for free without reducing video quality or adding a watermark, even though it is a free tool. Using this software is simple, as all you have to do is drag the frame of the video to the part of the video that does not contain the emoji or sticker you want to remove.

It supports various video file formats, including VOB, MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, and more. To upload videos for social media platforms that use different aspect ratios, you can use the pre-created templates for uploading to these platforms.

All data you upload to the site is usually erased within a few hours to keep your information safe. You can cut out emojis or stickers from your videos and change the rotation to 180 or 90 degrees.

  • How to Remove a Sticker from a Video in Seconds
  • Go to “Choose Files” to upload the video you want to edit.
  • To upload a video and crop it online, choose from the pre-programmed aspect ratios or manually adjust the frame size if desired and make a video fade out in video editing software online.
  • Choose “save” or “download” without the sticker or emoji, and save the trimmed video online.

How to Remove an Emoji or Sticker from a Video via Third-Party Software

Multiple third-party software programmes will allow you to remove the emoji, sticker, or any other image, including the emoji, that is in your video. After uploading your video file to the program, select the frame of the video you want to eliminate. You can then choose how much of the clip should be removed.

To preview your changes before saving, use one of the live preview features offered by different software. To avoid deleting meaningful information, some third-party editing software may prompt you to find a spot without audio or replace the audio with silence before removing images with audio. If these methods do not work for you, there are also many tutorials on YouTube demonstrating how to edit videos using other popular editing software. These tutorials include Adobe Premiere Pro CC.


One way is to overlay your clip on a green screen. This removes all background objects and makes the emoji easier to find. Another way is to use After Effects, which has a masking option to remove the specific colour you want.