Today smartphones are a necessity than a luxury and we need to ensure our phone contains enough charge. But with day-to-day tasks, it seems unbalanced to have a sufficient charge on your phone. Particularly for iPhones, this thing feels very embarrassing. Previously, they have introduced MagSafe but it can’t fulfil that need. I mean we need a powerful power bank for this.

It was surprising to learn that Apple’s MagSafe introduced battery packs to boost the iPhone’s battery life. As a result, people craved and started buying that product. But when they use it, they are not satisfied with it and say it is not worth it. Reality check: MagSafe battery packs are very useful depending on which one you choose. The following guide will help you choose the best MagSafe battery pack.

Best MagSafe Battery Packs to Boost Your iPhone’s Battery

While reading the introduction you might have a question that why a user only chooses MagSafe even though there are many Wireless power banks available. I mean what’s more unique with MagSafe rather than a usual power bank? For this, the foremost thing is Wireless power bank needs to hold in your hands while MagSafe has magnetic technology to stick back to your iPhone. Another thing is Wireless Power banks face inefficiency when we consider Compatability. 

On the other hand, Apple MagSafe battery packs are of utmost benefit in terms of compatibility. Additionally, MagSafe has a more reliable and speedy transmission that can easily charge a fully drained phone even with a low capacity as compared to Wireless Power banks. From this discussion, we can say MagSafe Battery packs are the best for iOS users as here they get the perfect charging position, varied accessories and many more.

Before we start to let you know the best MagSafe battery packs you should know what to look for while buying them. Because if these things are not in your mind, even if you buy a worthwhile thing, you say it is a waste. So, first, consider your needs regarding a particular product. To make things easier for you, before buying MagSafe Battery packs Consider these things as follows – 

  • Capacity: The first thing is to know the capacity of the battery pack. Know your battery consumption and decide up to which capacity you are satisfied.
  •  Charging Time: The next thing after finalizing the battery pack’s capacity is the charging Time. The shortest the timing, the more beneficial would be the product. 
  •  Compatibility: The other thing you should check the MagSafe battery pack you have finalized as of now should be compatible with all your Apple products.
  •  Design: once you satisfy the above considerations, you can now review the different pack designs. And select the MagSafe battery pack which satisfies the above three considerations as well as design.
  •  Price: The last and final step which decides the worthiness of the product. As of now, the MagSafe battery pack you have finalized must compare with others concerning price and grab the deal which has the least price.
Battery Pack NameWhat’s Unique What’s Disappointing
Apple MagSafe Battery PackUpto 70% additional charge with iPhone 12 mini or 13 miniCompatabile from iPhone 12 to 14 series1460 mAh battery capacitySmart features than othersLimited Color optionComparatively Underpowered 
Anker PowerCore Magnetic 5KCompact SizeMagSafe Compatible5000 mAh battery capacity10 W USB-C output for non-magSafe devicesUpto 5W wireless outputNot to be Pocket friendlySlight Overpriced
SWIO Magnetic Wireless PortableEasy to CarryMagSafe Compatible with Strong magnetsIn-built iPhone StandWired Charging for second devicesSlow charge as compare to Wired chargingTakes three hours to charge
Anker 633 Magnetic Wireless ChargerDual device Adjustable StandMatching Colors AvailabilitySupports upto 7.5W ChargingBattery Capacity upto 5000 mAhNo Simultaneous Cable ChargeDesign can be more better
iWalk Magnetic Wireless Power BankGreat design and easy to carry6000 mAh battery capacityAccurate Power LED IndicatorsIntelligent Temperature Control ChipLimited for iPhone 12 and 13 seriesPricing can be more better
Moft Snap Stand Powerset Strong MagnetsHold upto 3 CardsConvert into a StandLooks decent with leather designQuite heavyLimited Color option

After reading these essentials, I hope you got how a MagSafe Battery pack is better than a Wireless power bank. Additionally, you got to know how you can make a MagSafe battery pack deal better. Meanwhile, here you got what to consider before purchasing it as well as the In-depth pros and cons of some top-rated MagSafe battery packs. Even after such an explanation if any users have queries then ask them all below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is MagSafe bade for a battery?

Ans. It is not an unfair means of charging the battery. It is only a unique way of charging devices more efficiently.

Q2. Does the Apple MagSafe battery pack work with older iPhones

Ans. It supports all iPhones having Qi-based technology but suits best for iPhone 12 or above models.

Q3. Can I take a MagSafe battery on a Plane?

Ans. You can take your MagSafe battery inside an aircraft.

Q4. How long does a Magsafe battery pack last

Ans. It can last up to 24 hours or maybe depending on your usage.

Q5. Do you need a MagSafe case to use a magsafe battery pack

Ans. No, MagSafe battery packs are designed so that can attach to your iPhone easily.