You will find a lot of widgets available for Android. Choosing and finding the best one can be quite a complicated task. There are a lot of useful widgets, some of which are not well-known or recognisable, and some of which are underrated but still quite good, which you may want to try. Today, in this article, we will share some of the best Google widgets you can try on your Android smartphone.

The Best Google Widgets for Android

These are specific Google widgets that you can use, and include functionality and tips to get the most out of those widgets. By checking them out, you can find which one is best for you to use. Without further ado, let us take a closer look at this.

At a glance

This widget comes pre-installed on all Android devices. To access it, search for “At a Glance” under the Google Search section of widgets. It recently received the Material You redesign, but its functionality remains unchanged.

With this widget, you can get updates on information regarding the day, weather, Google Calendar events, flight departures, and more. Tapping on it takes you to the Google Calendar application. This could be one of the best widgets for you.

Google Keep

It comes with many widget options, including three different widgets. You can pin an individual note to one widget, list all your notes with the other, or add a quick capture widget. You can create a checklist, draw a voice memo, take a photo, or create a new default note there. Like other Android apps, it also received the new Material You feature to match wallpaper colours to fit your requirements. This makes it a great option for any Android smartphone.

YouTube Music

If you love using YouTube Music for your music, then it has some underrated music widgets. There are three music widgets, including recently played, Now Playing, and recently played turntable-style widgets.

There are a few variations, depending on what you are looking for. If you often use YouTube Music, the music widget would be a great choice.

Google News

There is now an official Google News widget. With this, you can get a curated news feed for the latest updates. There are a few options to choose from. Tapping on the news will open it as an article, while clicking on the headline will open it in Google News. Google has also updated this with Material You, which comes in various sizes.

Battery Info

If you have paired multiple hardware devices via Bluetooth, you can keep track of them. Multiple size options are available to choose from, and it gives you an overview of different Bluetooth-connected devices at once. Overall, this should be a great widget if you have many devices to track.

Google Calendar

Keep an eye on your schedule with the Google Calendar widget. It makes it easy to stay updated. Last month, it also received a Material You Design theming redesign with dynamic colour theming.

Google Photos

Another popular widget that you should try. If it is useful for regular Google Photos, then it could be handy for you. There are multiple frames; you can choose random and specific photos to stay on top. The UX/UI is also quite interesting, with various size options and frames you can resize accordingly.

class="wp-block-heading">Digital Well-being

To keep track of your screen usage throughout the day, digital well-being is not quite popular on this list, but it is surely quite helpful. There are two different sizes in which it is available.