If you are on Facebook, then you will definitely agree that it is one of the most entertaining apps. From the Facebook Watch to reels and even Facebook feed, it has many interesting videos that keep you engaged. 

But what if you want to save one such video from Facebook? The app has no in-built option to download any of its content, and you can simply like or bookmark it within the app itself. However, this problem can be solved by using secure Facebook video downloader apps. Here, we will tell you what is the best app to download videos from Facebook, and it’s free!

What Is The Best Facebook Downloader App for Android?

Snaptube is our recommended app for downloading Facebook videos for Android. The app is reliable and completely safe to use. Moreover, it has no download limits, and you can save as many videos as you want at no cost. 

The Best Facebook Video Downloader App for Android - Snaptube

Snaptube allows you to download any videos from Facebook with no restrictions. The downloaded files maintain the same quality as the original videos, and you can choose from various formats and resolutions while saving the file. Some of the features of Snaptube’s FB video downloader are given below.

  • Facebook Story Downloader: You can do any FB video download uploaded to Facebook stories using Snaptube. All you need to do is paste the story URL in the app or open Facebook within the app’s interface, and you are free to download any stories you want.
  • Facebook Reels Saver: Facebook reels have high-quality videos which are enjoyable to watch. If you want to preserve the same video quality while downloading the video, then use this feature on Snaptube. Snaptube supports all bitrates from 360p and 720p to even 2k HD. 
  • Facebook Photo Downloader: If you want to download any high-quality profile photos or videos, you can do so using the Snaptube app.
  • Facebook Music Saver: Want to save only the audio from the Facebook videos? Snaptube provides an option to extract MP3 from Facebook videos which can be directly saved to the phone’s internal storage.

As Snaptube’s download process is smooth and quick, we find this app to be the most reliable as a fast Facebook video downloader. Now that you are familiar with the features of Snaptube, it is time to learn how to use the app as an HD video downloader for Facebook.

How To Use Snaptube Facebook Video Downloader 

Using Snaptube is very easy and does not require any registration or profile creation. To start using Snaptube as a HD Facebook video downloader

, the app needs to be installed on your device. You might find several Facebook video downloader apk, but for the original Snaptube app, you need to download it from its official website only.

Visit the official Snaptube website and click on the download button. Once the apk file is downloaded, install the app on your Android device. 

Once you have successfully installed the Snaptube app on your phone, you can proceed to download high-quality Facebook videos through the app. You can either do it through the URL or by browsing Facebook within the app.

Method 1: Download Facebook Videos Through the URL

  • Obtain the link to the required Facebook videos by clicking on the three dots above the post. From the pop-up menu, click on “copy link,” and the link gets saved to your clipboard.
  • Launch the Snaptube Facebook video downloader app on your device and paste the link in the search bar. 
  • The app finds the required video, and you can click on it to play it within the app.
  • Find the download button at the bottom of the screen and select the desired format.
  • Wait for the app to finish downloading. The saved videos will be available in the phone’s gallery or Snaptube’s library. 
The Best Facebook Video Downloader App for Android - Snaptube

Method 2: Download Facebook Videos Within The App

Snaptube supports more than 50 platforms which can be accessed through the app’s interface. You can use this method to browse and download multiple videos that interest you.

  • Launch the app on your Android phone and select the Facebook icon at the top of the screen.
  • Sign in to your Facebook account and browse through the pages to find the required videos for the Facebook downloader.
  • Once you find the video, click on the download button at the bottom of the toolbar. Out of the options, select your required format and resolution.
  • The app will start the download, which can be found in the device’s internal storage or the app’s library. 
The Best Facebook Video Downloader App for Android - Snaptube

What Else Can We Do With Snaptube?

Snaptube is not only a Facebook video download app but also a download app for almost all major platforms. Snaptube supports more than 50 platforms which means you can access photos and videos from almost every social media app. 

  • You can download high-quality images and videos from popular sites such as Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter.
  • Snaptube also lets you download music that you can listen to online from within the app. Snaptube also has an amazing app for offline music listening called Lark. Through both these apps, you can access and make wonderful music playlists containing your favorite songs.
  • The app also has an Android toolkit that helps you manage your files and clean up your phone’s storage by eliminating unwanted cache and data. 
  • Snaptube also has a battery saver that optimizes your phone’s battery by keeping track of its usage by other apps.
  • It also boosts the phone’s speed by freeing up its RAM.

Snaptube has many other features that make it useful not only as a Facebook downloader app but also as a phone optimizer. From now on, if you wish to save an amazing video from Facebook, download the Snaptube app and save it in a jiffy!