With all the advancements in artificial channel intelligence, especially after the introduction of ChatGPT, if you’ve been looking for a writing tool that can assist you with writing, then I think it’s a perfect place for you to begin your search. Writing skills are not something everyone is a master of, and most people do face challenges with writing. It is because the ideas they want to convey are very difficult or not easy to digest for others. To avoid all the barriers, we’ll be sharing how you can make your writing very understandable without any grammatical errors or typos. You may be thinking of replacing the journalist or the writer, but that won’t be the case. AI writing tools are there to assist you with writing instead of just writing content for you.

What are the best AI writing tools?

The primary aim of this writing tool is to draft, proofread, and make the editing process shorter. This tool will come in handy whether you are a student, journalist, or anyone who just wants to write well. Before going ahead, I want to remind you that it may not be accurate, and you still need to proofread your content before using it.


This is the first tool that I have mentioned. Most of the AI tools, especially for writing, use the OpenAI GPT AI model. This tool is pretty good at writing. You can use it to draft emails, use it for marketing, or do any other writing project. You may want to summarise your topic. However, it’s not quite straightforward because it is not built for writing from scratch. Instead, it is used for content generation using a text prompt.

Because of this, you may need to learn a few tricks and refine your prompts to get better writing assistance with this tool. You may want to use this tool because it will help you do better research and brainstorming and generate lists and outlines for writing projects. This tool is available for free for everyone to use. But for advanced features, you may need to pay twenty dollars per month for the ChatGPT subscription.


This tool is built specifically for writing systems, and we have recently integrated the OpenAI GPT AI model. Even professionals use it for their writing, most often for double-checking spelling, grammar, and punctuation. You may want to use it for suggestions. Our tool can also be used for citation generation, supporting APA, MLA, and Chicago styles. Unlike the previous one, this tool is not available for free for the purposes we explained.

Article Forge

If you are a writer for a website or the next location, then you may want to use this tool. The developers of Article Forge suggest that this tool can help you generate long-form articles on various topics, and it also completes itself, which is essential for ranking at the top of any search engine.

This will allow you to double-check your content. However, some users have reported that it uses the same material multiple times, which makes it obvious to some that they should not choose this tool. Why is it included in this? Despite having some issues, it integrates well with the workplace, and it is one of the most popular online publishing CMS. Definitely, this tool isn’t for everyone because it is paid, but it offers 5 defaults, so before committing, you can just try it. And if you need it, you can just upgrade.


This tool is quite popular with marketing people, as it is primarily used for generating emails and blog posts for social media. They prefer it because it gives you some brand-defining options like tone, branding, and product positioning, including the company’s style and voice.

On top of that, there are a lot of integration options, ranging from Google Chrome to Google Docs and Grammarly. Unlike any other tool on this list, it packs a lot of features and options. But we would like to highlight some of the things that it has, such as project management, publishing images, optimisation, and SEO.

This is just a marketing-focused tool, which is relatively popular. is not only being used for greetings, adding campaigns on social media, and blog posts, but also for generating product descriptions. This tool is free enough for beginners, with a restriction of 2000 words and two hundred credits to spend on tasks like generating content or web scanning. If you want to upgrade, the subscription costs forty-nine dollars per month or four hundred thirty-two dollars per year.

Hemingway Editor

Lastly, if you are looking for the simplest tool, this is it. It highlights complicated sentences in red, longer sentences in yellow, and passive voices in green. Based on the colour-coded suggestions, you can make changes to your sentences. The basic version of this tool is completely free, but if you want to upgrade, it costs ten dollars a month and gives you the ability to correct with AI.