AI-based applications have recently been buzzing, with the release of OpenAI DALL-E 2 earlier this year. Following its success, several other AI-based text-to-image generating platforms have emerged, with Lensa AI being one of the most popular. This AI image generating application ranks highly on the Apple App Store and uses the open-source Stable Diffusion model, resulting in most of the art being styled as portraits of sci-fi, anime, or fantasy characters.

Best AI-powered Digital Art Generation Apps on App Store and Play Store | Graphics & Design

Lensa, a photos and video editing application, introduced its Magic Avatar feature in late November. Since then, it has gone viral and reached the top of the iOS App Store’s Photos & Video category. Prisma Labs, the developer of Lensa AI, uses AWS Cloud Service to process user data and train their AI for improvement. Once the AI model has been trained, the images are immediately deleted.

Upload 10-20 photos that you would like to submit for generating digital art with the Lensa AI app. According to reports, Lensa AI has achieved 22.2 million worldwide downloads and $29 million in consumer spending since its launch in 2018.

Currently, there are three leading AI apps that are topping the app store charts in the United States. Furthermore, out of the top 100 most downloaded apps this month, 8 of them are AI art apps. These apps include Dawn-Ai Avatar, AI Art, Wonder-AI Art, Prequel: Aesthetic AI Editor, Voi-AI Avatar App by Wonder, and Meitu-Photo Editor & AI Art. A complete list of AI-based applications that have been ranking at the top of the app store can be found below.

Discover the Top AI-Powered Digital Art Generation Tools for iOS and Android

  • Lensa AI’s 
  • AI Art: AI Image Generator
  • Wonder — AI Art Generator
  • Prequel: Aesthetic AI Editor
  • Voi — AI Avatar App by Wonder
  • Meitu — Photo Editor & AI Art
  • Dream by Wombo – AI Art Tool
  • Prequel
  • FacePlay
  • Dawn
  • Dream

In addition to the previously mentioned AI tools, there is another popular AI tool that has recently been in the news. This tool is called ChatGPT, and we have discussed it in detail in a previous article. Apart from concerns about privacy, there is also an issue of credibility that needs to be addressed.