There was a time when art creation was such a talent that no one would be able to emulate it. Even today the same scenario occurs. In contrast to the past, technology has innovated a lot, particularly with the advent of AI (Artificial Intelligence). It is a concept where machines are given the ability to think and respond like humans. With AI, numerous things happen across the globe.

But here we come to know about the AI art generator app. Initially, when this thing came out, no one expected it to become so dominant. At that point, only 2-3 applications were available. But as time passes, companies become more efficient and familiar with AI ad developed their app to serve AI art generation. The best choice is hard because it’s an overhaul. Let’s discuss the best AI art generation apps.

Best AI art generator apps available for both iPhone and Android devices

See, we cannot say that a particular app is the best one for every user. The reason is, art creation is creative and requires individual preference. In the meantime, preferences vary from user to user. In such a case, it is probably impossible to consider a particular app as the best one. However, if we consider some standard things that a user wants in an AI generation app, it makes sense.

Moreover, for this thing, we thought a lot and found that Features, User interface, Customization options, Quality of output, Compatibility, and Price are the main things to consider. As you prepare your AI generator app, keep these considerations in mind. Then try to tally it with available options. After that, choose the app that matches all your considerations. However, this thing lets you choose the best app for you but to make the deal better, you can start with these top-listed AI art generator apps.

AI Art Generator App Why You Should ChooseWhat needs Improvement
PrismaSimple and user-friendly interfaceWide range of stylesShare on Social mediaFree to download (Premium starts at $7.99/month)Limited to artistic style transformation Needs improvment to use on desktop Quality seems underrated
DALL-E 2Free 50 credits (for first month) and 15 credits (for suceeding months)Simplified Image creationUser owns the copyrightBuy additional 115 credits for $15 limited surreal artworkHitches in image creationPossibe legal problems
Lensa AIDifferent avatar results for each timeWide range of photo editing toolsAffordable and 7 days free trial Better integration with social media appsSome avatars does not looks like youFew expensive avatar are not worthMimics artistic style without artist permissionBias with selfies of dark skinned people
PhotosonicFree trial periodAccurate resultsCommunity and example imagesFamiliar with every type of creatorEasy to useLimited features as compare to other apps.A small number of creditRequires input design skills
Dream by WOMBOBug free and fully secureSmart design and hasstle free interfaceUpdates regularlyInstant abstract artwork with multiple combinationsUnneccessary advertisementRequire more time than other appsSeems some downloading restrictions
Starry AIPlethora of customization optionBunch of AI choices for image creation Serving quality outputAffordable pricingLimited Free CreditsNeeds improvement in accessibility
FotorQuickly results outputRealistic image creationNo image prompts limitFully free to use with no image limitProvides customizable designsOnly 10 free images allowed per dayUser interface and color combination can be more better
Wonder AIFree to use with no credit systemAccurate artwork resultWide range of choices Better accessibility Advertisement comes before every image outputComplicated promots breaks the AI
CraiyonAffordable as a beginnerNo credit system Easy to use websiteProvides almost accurate resultsOutput images sometimes distortedNo specific mobile app
Japser ArtUnlimited Image generationProvides fine tuning optionInstant Image outputEasy to generate AI ArtsNo mobile application availableLimited to 200 free images in the trial

Based on this analysis, I am sure you found the app that you preferred for AI Art creation. Note that these are not the only applications that you can try. In addition, there are other options you can try, depending on your needs. We have mentioned these apps because a sper user reviews these apps are already top-rated servers for AI art generation. I hope you learned something new from this guide. Even after that, if there is still a question from any user, please ask them all below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do AI art generator apps work?

Ans. These apps use advanced machine learning to analyze and process images, videos, and other visual content.

Q2. Are AI art generator apps easy to use?

Ans. It is easy to use as you only need to upload the visual content and add preferences (if any you want).

Q3. What type of input is needed for these AI Art Generators Apps?

Ans. Inputs are the main source on which the app analyzes. This input includes text, images, or other required fields.

Q4. What is the best AI drawing generator?

Ans. Well, it depends on your preference but still to say a single name DALL-E 2 by OpenAI is the best one.