Do you know that apart from social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, another app has gained a lot of popularity today? I am talking about “BeReal,” known for notifying people to take a selfie and share it with the public every day. Additionally, here, whether you’re looking for BeReal Usernames, BeReal Notifications, or BeReal Time, we have unique BeReal Ideas to serve you.

Being launched in the Year 2020, BeReal gained a major spike in popularity last year, as at that time, it became widely available on college campuses via a paid ambassador program. Today, it has 20 million daily active users. Everything was fine, but people wanted a private space to chat with their friends. For this, BeReal will soon launch a new Direct Message feature called RealChat.

BeReal releasing RealChat Messaging Feature

In 2020, French developers Alexis Berreyat and Kevin Perraeu introduced their social media app to the industry. The app was designed to notify users to share their photos daily with a randomly selected two-minute window. Here comes the “BeReal” app, which allows users to upload unpolished pictures and show the world their true selfies.

Besides, BeReal has some more polished features that led to its sudden spike. These are Realmojis (Share your real selfie for a dedicated emoji), Real Maps (Share your Real life locations but not live locations), Retakes Information (Know how many times a user took Retakes for a selfie before posting), Memories (Same as Instagram’s Memories feature) and Discovery Tabs (To interact with people you don’t know).

BeReal is testing a direct messaging feature called RealChat, an Instagram-esque chat feature.

Despite being available on iOS and Android in 2020, BeReal faces stiff competition to gain a foothold. After all, BeReal has features that seem copycats of already-established social media apps. BeReal can chat with friends, which is visible to others too. Currently, encrypted and private chats are not available. There is an emerging need for this feature.

To Reach out this BeReal’s downsides, In an Email to TechCrunch BeReal confirmed to release of a Direct Message option in the app called RealChat. However, Presently it going under testing, for which no official information has been unveiled. More likely, developers will soon surprise us with publicly released RealChat. But we are glad developers realized the need for such features.

Conclusively, BeReal is working hard to offer only the best experience on their app. Even if you delete a chat in BeReal, it does not delete on the other end. However, If both ends get deleted from the chat, it will delete after 30 days from BeReal’s server. Listen, this is not the first time BeReal has taken action, as previously, they have integrated with Spotify. Meanwhile, we will get more new things with BeReal in the future.

class="wp-block-heading">Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.How does BeReal work?

Ans. Here, the user receives a notification once a day, reminding “Time to BeReal.” That opens a two-minute window for the user to share what they do at that time.

Q2.Why is BeReal so popular?

Ans. BeReal Emphasizes a lot of Authenticity leads to its popularity.

Q3.Can I trust BeReal?

Ans. You can rely on BeReal and share your posts with it.

Q4.What happens if you don’t take your BeReal in 2 minutes?

Ans. Your BeReal will be tagged as a late BeReal for everyone.