Instagram co-founder recently announced its new app called Artifact. This app uses artificial intelligence to summarize articles for its users. It comes with five different tones that you can choose to use for summaries. With this, you can quickly and easily understand the article you have been reading.

Artifact News Feed app can summarize news stories using AI and explain articles in five different tones.

Many tech companies are taking different approaches toward artificial intelligence and machine learning. Bing and Google are looking for ways to integrate AI into search engines and their other products, while Snap is looking to integrate AI into conversation, creativity, and other services. This app is developed for news.

Artifact has been updated with a new Summaries feature.

Tap on the “Aa” icon to generate high-level points for readers. The app was first launched this year in February. After that, Instagram’s co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger offered this app for a personalized news reading experience without any filter on top. It curates news based on the user’s reading preferences and sources from the wider news ecosystem to prevent bias, making it more engaging and personalized.

This app seems to be quite useful, especially for those checking the article to get detailed information. The AI-powered feature summarizes the news with a tap of a button, and then you can quickly read and grasp the main points of the entire article. This app won’t replace the original article and won’t replace any of the full text of the article.

Artifact News Feed app can summarize news stories using AI and explain articles in five different tones.

With the latest update, an “Aa” icon appears on the top of the screen, allowing you to choose and summarize the article. Once it finishes processing the article, the summary of the article will appear in the black box on top of the screen. This brings some characters and makes it more personalized and engaging to readers. This feature generates bullet points of the article, but the company warns users that AI could make mistakes.

Apart from this, it also has the option to customize the tone of the summary.

You can explain it like you’re five, use emojis, write a poem, or choose Gen-Z. To change the article’s tone, tap on the triple-dot menu in the black box. Artifact aims to add more fun and encourage users to try reading articles. The summary of the article will appear on the top of the original article, so if the users want to read the full article, they can proceed with that to provide high-level points for the articles before checking the full article.

The Tone feature doesn’t seem impressive at this point as it has some inaccuracies, but the normal Summary tone is enough to summarize the article. We do understand that it’s still in development, is not perfect, and can make mistakes. You can check the complete article, and if you need a quick rundown, you can use the Explain Like I’m Five tones.

This app uses OpenAI’s technology to generate and summarize the text. This update is rolling out in phases and will be available soon. The app has no filters like Facebook has been criticized for doing. Instead, it aims to display a curated selection of news on the app’s homepage. Also, readers can check different news sources for the same news. The company also verifies the news sources upfront to adhere to specific standards around integrity, such as fact-checking and correction processes.

Artifact News Feed app can summarize news stories using AI and explain articles in five different tones.

Artifact also considers adding a discussion feature, allowing users to interact with each other’s comments. The app has already crossed over 240,000 downloads and is ranked No. 115 in the US App Store in the News section. You can download this app for free, which is available on Android and iOS.