Apple announced their upcoming developer conference, “WWDC 2023,” scheduled from June 5 at 10:00 am PDT / 1:00 pm EDT to June 9 at 1:30 pm PDT / 4:30 pm EDT. Apple’s WWDC Relations VP, Susan Prescott, claims that WWDC 2023 will be the most exciting event. This is the first in-person WWDC since 2019.

During the event, there are several things we can expect, including new hardware like MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 2023, Mixed-Reality VR, and the new version of OS for iPhones, iPad, watches, Macs, and TV. The company announced a new software update for its products, and here are some of the most potential rumors you might want to hear. The September iPhone launch and the March/April Spring event seem almost unpredictable by comparison.

How to Watch WWDC 2023 – This year, everything you need to know includes MacBooks, the Apple mixed-reality headset, and more.

Anyone can watch the WWDC 2023 Keynote, State of Union, and other sessions that will be live-streamed from Apple Park on the Apple Developer Website and YouTube Channel. Individual sessions require signing up for WWDC. Developers and students already received an invitation from the company. Requests to attend the event are now closed, and spots took just over a week to fill up. However, the most important information will be shared during the public session.

How to watch, Apple's WWDC 2023 dates, and Time are now official. Stay tuned for announcements, news, and more.
  • Keynote: 10:00 am PDT / 1:00 pm EDT. It is expected to focus on new software updates for macOS 14, iPadOS, tvOS, and watchOS 10 during this time.
  • Platforms State of the Union: 1:30 pm PDT / 4:30 pm EDT. During this time, it offers an in-depth breakdown of what developers can expect from Apple’s latest updates and changes.
  • Meet the Team: 3:00 pm PDT / 6:00 pm EDT. It will be relevant to people who are attending physically.
  • Tour the inside of the ring and the inner meadow: 3:00 pm PDT / 6:00 pm EDT. This is more relevant to people who are attending the event in person.

Several other events will occur throughout the week, including sessions, labs, and talks. On top of this, there will be some special evening activities for those attending in person, creating speculation that attendees will get an opportunity to test out Apple’s Mixed Reality headset. Developers will attend classes, workshops, and sessions to learn about system-wide changes.

  • UK: at 6 pm (BST)
  • Europe: at 7 pm (CEST)
  • US: at 10 am (PDT), 11 am (MDT), noon (CDT), 1 pm (EDT)
  • Canada: at 2 pm (ADT)
  • India: at 10:30 pm (IST)
  • Singapore and China: next day at 1 am
  • Japan: next day at 2 am (JST)
  • Australia: next day at 1 am (AWST), 2:30 am (ACST), 3 am (AEST)
  • New Zealand: next day at 5 am (NZST)

In the past, WWDC tickets cost $1,599 for developers to attend and sold out very quickly. This year, WWDC tickets are free and randomly distributed. To apply for tickets, you must be an Apple Developer and then apply, or you can also request.

2023’s MacBook Air and MacBook Pro

The device is expected to have a redesigned chassis with a larger display panel featuring thinner bezels. The notch will remain the same, holding the webcam. Under the hood, the laptop is said to be powered by Apple’s M2 chip along with a more powerful GPU. There will be multiple colors.

  • 13″ & 15″ MacBook Air: The device will be powered by M2 SoC and will be available in multiple colors. It will also be thinner and lighter.
  • 21″ iMac: Gurman Sauuid said Apple could unveil this, and the device will be powered by M2 Pro and M2 Max, which will be more powerful than the current generation of Mac Studio. There will be different configurations, but their release timing could be clearer.

M2 Ultra Chip is expected to be a 20-core chip with 40 CPUs and 128 GPU cores, making it the most powerful chip Apple has ever made. It is aimed at professional users who need a powerful computer for video editing, 3D rendering, and scientific computing tasks. The design of the Mac Pro will be similar to that of the current Mac Pro, a tower-based desktop Mac that currently uses Intel processors.

Mixed-Reality Headset

The company’s first mixed-reality headset is rumored to be announced. Still, it will only be available to developers and businesses ahead of release for consumers so they can test and build something. As the device is likely to have a hefty price tag, it makes more sense first to make it available for a handful of professionals. Once the company starts mass-producing the product, it will decrease costs, making it more appealing to users.

This headset is powered by Apple’s M2 chip, featuring a high-resolution 4K micro OLED with up to 3,000 pixels per inch, and will have a 120° field of view, eye-tracking, and hand-tracking. The Apple Silicon chip will power it and will have a battery pack worn around the waist. Rumors suggest that it will be lightweight, and users can control the headset through gestures and facial expressions. According to reports, the device will cost more than $3,000.

Operating System Update

One thing is sure that Apple will announce their new software update for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. These upgrades will focus on tweaking, fixing bugs, and improving performance.

  • iOS 17/iPadOS 17: There will be many of the most-requested features, and several iPhones and iPads may lose support with iOS 17 and iPadOS 17. Apple will allow third-party apps on the App Store. iPadOS may no longer support some older iPad hardware, including the first-generation 9.7″ and 12″ iPad Pro. Some rumored features for iOS 17 include a new lock screen, improved notifications, and more powerful multitasking features.
  • macOS 14: This will have fewer changes. The beta version will be available during WWDC, and the macOS 14 will be internally named Sunburst. This is expected to be launched in October or November. The codename for macOS 14 is Sunburst, which is expected to be a smaller update than previous updates. It is also rumored to focus on bug fixes and performance improvements, but no new major features are expected this time. Also, macOS 14 will be released in October 2023, and the beta version is expected to become available during WWDC.
  • tvOS, watchOS, and HomePod: There are few well-founded or exciting rumors on tvOS 17 and watchOS, but watchOS 10 will include new health and fitness features, which are expected to be released in September.

WWDC Student Challenge

This program by Apple aims to showcase its favorite student applications. It’s an annual competition for students learning to code with Swift. To enter, students must create a Swift Playground project demonstrating their coding skills. Winners are selected for developing what the company believes are the most interesting software. Winners will receive exclusive WWDC 2023 Outwear, AirPods Pro, customized pins, and a year of Apple Developer Program membership. Some winners will also receive invites to WWDC 2023’s in-person event at Apple Park. This is a great opportunity for students who want to showcase their coding skills and win some prizes. For this, users must be enrolled in an accredited academic institution or an official homeschool equivalent and must be 13 years of age or older.

Also, developers must register for an Apple Developer Account. Student developers have until April 19 to apply and submit a Swift Playground Project demonstrating their coding skills. The Swift Playground Project must be created in Swift Playground 4, and it should be a single-file project that can be run and experienced within three minutes. Also, note that the project must be submitted by April 19, 2023.

Apart from this, Apple could release the M3 Chip, which is expected to be revealed later this year in 2023. Numerous rumors exist about Apple announcing the new AR/VR headset, new Mac Pro with M2 Ultra Chip, and software updates to iOS, iPadOS, macOS, WatchOS, and tvOS. Other announcements include new APIs and tools for developers, updates to Apple’s developer program, and more information about Apple’s plans.