The popular legendary game “Apex Legends Mobile” released a substantial update yesterday. Certainly, they introduced a new “Underworld” season called the 3.5 Update. However, the updated 3.5 Update brought many things to the game. Even so, it cannot replace every player’s excitement during Apex Legends Mobile’s launch.

Keeping that excitement, players waiting for the game’s latest season are anxious to know what’s new in the Underground Update. The reason is that developers have teased this update a lot. Other interesting points are all-new legends, battle passes, events, and other in-game improvements. So, here we are to let you know everything about Apex Legends Mobile 3.5 Update.

A brief guide to Apex Legends Mobile Season 3.5 

Developers have been taking care of players’ gaming experience since launch. Initially, they designed Apex Legends Mobile for PC. However, as demand grew, it was forced to be released on mobile devices. But as a gamer, I must insist that the default game should be changed. On such a note, developers moved forward and launched Season 3.5.

However, every Apex Legends Mobile player understands that the game is getting a brand-new season. The issue is that players don’t recognize the changes that have happened. Although it’s easily visible throughout gameplay, some players don’t even know how to download the Apex Legends Mobile 3.5 Update. So, let’s start with the patch notes first.

New Legend: The Revenant

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Revenant was formerly a human with the ability to crouch, walk faster, and climb higher than his enemies. As a bonus, Revenant can drop a totem that will protect those who use it from death for a set amount of time. Revenant has some exclusive perks with these abilities, such as death stalker, nightmare fuel, creeping dread, deadly moment, interrogator, Fear Paralysis, and more.

New Battle Pass

Download Apex Legends Mobile Season 3.5 apk + OBB

A new battle pass is available for Apex Legends Mobile’s newly launched underground season. However, since the game was just launched, there is no information on this subject. But it is confirmed that the updated battle pass has killer weapon cosmetics and drop-dead gorgeous Legend cosmetics.

Updated Events: Nightmare Begins & Airdrop Escalation

Two new events have dominated the picture. First, the nightmare begins. If you recall, Revenant has nightmares in this limited-time mode. For this, Requiem Supply bins have begun to spawn. And such supply bins have Metal Skulls, a new seasonal currency you can use to unlock awesome rewards.

The second is an airdrop escalation sponsored by an unknown benefactor. During this limited-time event, the rate at which airdrops land on the map will be increased, and they will be equipped with fully-kitted weapons. Alongside this event are some dedicated modes like Second Shot, New Year’s Kick-off, and more.

class="wp-block-heading">New Store Vault Update and Web Store

Download Apex Legends Mobile Season 3.5 apk + OBB

The Underground Season brought changes to the Store vault, with six eternal cosmetic rewards to grab. Additionally, the developers have launched a web store that will offer blockbuster deals on bundles. 

Besides that, the updated session fixed the bugs occurring since Season 3.5 got a full optimization pass for the Kings Canyon and World’s Edge maps. After reading these patch notes, we are sure you are looking for an installation guide. So, without any further ado, here are the below instructions to download Apex Legends Mobile 3.5 Update.


Apex Legends Mobile Season 3.5

Note: The following steps can be followed if you have already installed Apex Legends mobile on your device; otherwise, install it as normal.

  • Open the Google Play Store/App Store.
  • In the search bar, search for Apex Legends Mobile.
  • Tap on the first result.
  • Now tap on the update option.
  • As a result, it will start downloading and installing automatically.
  • That’s it; launch the Updated Apex Legends Mobile App and enjoy the Season 3.5 Update.

Conclusively, these are the major patch notes and installation guide for Apex Legends Mobile Season 3.5 Update. Even though we have covered everything about this upcoming season, users can ask questions in the following section if they have any.