So, if you want to set a custom ringtone on your iPhone, this article will guide you on how to set any song or sound as your iPhone ringtone without using a computer. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at this.

Set Any Sound or Ringtone as a custom iPhone ringtone.

There are multiple ways to do this. With improved technology and customization options that come with the upgrade of iOS, it is now easier to do so. The steps in this guide work with any iOS version and iPhone device you have.


  • Download GarageBand
    • We will be using this application to create an iPhone ringtone.
  • Next, download the music or sound you want to set as a custom ringtone.
    • You can also use the screen recording method. Simply screen record the part you want to set as a ringtone from music or sound, then convert it into MP3.
    • You can use the ConvertToAudio shortcut to add a shortcut. After adding this, locate your screen recording and share it to send it to the ConvertToAudio shortcut directly, and it will simply convert your video to an audio file.

How to Set Any Sound or Ringtone as a Custom iPhone Ringtone

Since we have already completed the basic requirements, you can now proceed to start working on setting your custom iPhone ringtone. Follow the instructions step-by-step as mentioned below.

  • Open GarageBand on your iPhone.
  • Next, within the track, swipe to get the Audio Recorder option.
  • Tap on Voice, and then disable the Metronome that appears on the top navigation panel in the middle.
  • After that, tap the brick icon in the upper-left corner, which will take you to the project.
  • On this timeline, tap on the plus icon located in the upper-right corner of the timeline.
  • Now you have Section A. Tap on it, and the section length will have a manual option. Tap on Automatic.
  • Tap on the Omega icon placed on the upper-right beside the Settings icon. You will find Apple Loops, Music, and File options there, but you need to tap on file and browse for your music, which you want to set as a custom ringtone.
  • Tap and drag it to your timeline, and it will create a waveform for you. Use the trim button to adjust according to your preference for what part you want to cut.
    • To undo it, shake your device.
  • Once you are satisfied, move the sound wave completely to the left.
  • After setting it, in the top right corner, please tap on the drop-down arrow button and then tap on My Song, which will create a file.
  • Tap and hold that file. From the context menu, tap on Share, and it will now show an option as a Ringtone.
  • Please tap on the ringtone, rename it, and then tap Done. Ringtone import was successful.

You are almost done.

  • Open Device Settings and go to Sounds and Haptics.
  • From there, tap on ringtone, and there you have your ringtone.
  • Tap on it. It is now set as a ringtone, or you can set it as other sounds and haptics.
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Hopefully, this will help you. This is the updated method to set any sound or song as a ringtone on your iPhone. Thanks for being with us. Stay tuned for more updates on the same in the future.