A perk of having an Android phone is having access to many apps. Some developers are constantly working on various projects you can use. While some operating systems do not allow you to sideload, you can do it on Android devices.

Despite being quite useful, these apps don’t have ads, which makes the whole experience even better. Today, in this article, we will share some open-source applications for Android that you can use.

The Best Open-Source Apps for Android

These apps seem quite useful, so here are the ones you can try.

Voyager App

You will find this app on GitHub, where it is a client for Lemmy. In this app, you will find interesting content similar to Reddit. The user interface is highly inspired by iOS. Explore the content to learn new things.

Wallpaper Export

This app is also available on F-Droid, but also on GitHub. With this app, the wallpaper you have applied to your mobile can be easily exported. Some wallpaper apps do not allow you to download; instead, they only apply wallpaper. But you can save the image to your gallery through the Wallpaper Export app.

Image Toolbox

This is an image-editing tool that allows you to enhance your pictures. It is also available on the Google Play Store. There, you have multiple functionalities such as editing, resizing, limiting resizing, and more. It is quite easy to use, and there are basic editing tools, including cropping, filters, rotation, mirroring, blurring, effects, drawing, extensions, and more.

There are also revision, undo, and share buttons. You can explore other options and start using according to your preferences. There is a create option where you will find a background remover, including auto-erase background, and in tools, you have options for picking colours, comparing, image previewing, loading images from the net, generating palettes, and more. You have the appearance and other things to add in settings, like text.

Audio Share by Mkckr0

This open-source application lets you use your phone as a speaker by connecting your device to a PC. Use your mobile as a speaker. This is quite useful for users who have damaged speakers on their laptops or PCs. However, on the PC, you must also install Audio Share on Windows.

To use this, open Audio Share on your PC and enter the port it shows to pair with your mobile device. Then click on “Start the server” on Windows. After successfully establishing the network, tap “Start” on your mobile device to establish the connection.

These are some of the best open-source applications for Android that you can download from GitHub and F-Droid, and some are also published on the Google Play Store for easy installation on your Android smartphone.