If you have an Android phone and want full access to your phone in your car, then Android Auto is the application for you. Developed and authorised by Google, it is an intelligent driving companion. It allows you to listen to music, use Google Assistant, and access other phone features on your car’s infotainment system. While the app previously lacked popular features, users have requested support for WhatsApp, a digital car key, and more.

The Android Auto 8.7 update, which is currently in beta, was recently released by developers. Despite being a Google product, only a tiny percentage of users know this new update. This article will discuss the all-new Android Auto 8.7 beta update.

How to Download and Install the Android Auto 8.7 Beta APK

Remember the previous Android Auto 8.6 update, in which developers added numerous functionalities like “Do Not Disturb” and more? Similarly, the 8.7 beta update includes a long list of features you will be pleased to hear about. Before we discuss the download guide, let’s first look at what’s new in the Android Auto 8.7 beta.

Share Your Digital Car Keys

Previously, you could transfer car keys from a Pixel to an iPhone, making it easier for car owners to give their friends access their vehicles. The same feature is available in Android Auto, allowing users to sync their car keys. You can share your car key through the digital car key section by simply clicking “Share Car Key,” selecting a user and then sending them the link. A physical key or activation code is required to activate the share for the first time.

New CoolWalk Design CoolWalk

A recent addition to Android Auto 8.7 beta, provides users with more flexibility than before. With the revamped design, users will see a redesigned dashboard that can display up to three apps with deck support. Additionally, users can now access WhatsApp call support, among other minor improvements.

Improved Google Assistant recommendations

Google Assistant is even better, allowing users to handle their tasks more efficiently. Like before, it automatically shows missed call reminders and other valuable suggestions, but now it is also possible to instantly access music playback. Additionally, with the 8.7 updates, there are other minor improvements to the overall user experience. These improvements include bringing Google Maps closer to the driver’s seat, adding a progress bar for music, splitting the screen, and the ability to use apps directly from the Play Store.

After reading about all these new additions and improvements, you may be eager to download this updated release. However, as it is currently under beta testing, it may not be readily available through the Google Play Store. To install the Android Auto 8.7 beta, follow the steps provided in the APK file we created for your convenience.

Note: There is a way to download Android Auto 8.7 beta from the Google Play Store. However, the beta testing program has reached its maximum user limit, so instead, you should use the APK file option.


Android Auto V8.7 BETA

To download the Android Auto 8.7 beta APK file, click here.

Then, go to your phone’s settings. Scroll down and look for the “Privacy” option. Under Privacy, you will see an option titled “Install apps from unknown sources.” Enable that option and proceed to the downloaded APK file. Install the APK file and wait for it to finish installing. Finally, open the app and enjoy the 8.7 beta version.

With this straightforward guide, you can experience Android Auto 8.7 beta. However, it’s imperative to note that installing the app with an APK file works similarly to the Google Play Store. By following these steps, you can use the updated Android Auto 8.7 beta and enjoy the in-app enhancements. If you have questions, feel free to reach out below.