You have many options if you have been looking for a Google Camera or GCam Mod for your Android device. GCam mods are developed by developers like Arnova, Parrot, CStar, and BSG. The latest GCam Mod is Build 9 or 8, which supports Qualcomm’s Snapdragon. However, others may have difficulty supporting the GCam Mod.

Google has developed the GCam primarily for Qualcomm, but the ZGCam APK is handy when you need the Exynos Soc. This means that ZGCam supports Samsung’s Exynos Soc, which includes the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S9, Note 9, Galaxy S8, and Galaxy S7 series. Additionally, other Exynos-powered smartphones support ZGCam 7.4 for your smartphone.

Most of the perks from Google Camera Build 7 are available. These GCam Mods are mature enough that you won’t find any issues with capturing images, recording videos, night photography, astrophotography mode, portrait shots, Google Lens, macro shots, or anything else. For Android, Google Camera is among the top-of-the-line camera software experiences for Android devices.

Download ZGCam 7.4 for Android.

You can download the latest ZGCam apk and install this application just like a normal application. Before installing the new version, ensure you have uninstalled the previous version of GCam.

Download ZGCam 7.4 APK for Android | Exynos/Snapdragon variants
Download ZGCAM_7.4_V1.03415.apk

In addition to this, you can download the Confix XML file to transfer to Gcam and restart your device. The APK uses Samsung’s 3D Scanner app’s package name, so AUX (iliary) lenses work. Uninstall the app before installing this Gcam. However, if you encounter any issues, disable the framing hint in Settings, Auxiliary Camera (AUX Lens). If you encounter issues after installing the config, uninstall the latest Confix XML file.

Gcam 7.4 brings features like the FHD/4K video recording toggle inside the video swipe-down menu, not only for all camera modes. It has been added to the swipe-down menu, making it easy and useful. Indoor low light shots also look fine and refined, with colour accuracy, richness, good saturation, noise reduction, and more.

You may notice that ZGcam 7.4, for Android 10+ devices, brings a lot of features and advanced settings that still need to be ported to this version. However, ZGCam may not be as good as other Gcam versions.