Google has released the Android 15 Developer Preview for eligible devices, but it is only possible to manually download and flash/sideload today. Android 15 aims to improve privacy and security alongside other optimisations to further improve the performance of the device.

Android 15 Developer Preview: Official Changes for Developers

Here are the major changes that come with Android 15 Developer Preview 1.

Download Android 15 OTA for Pixel Devices | Developer Preview
  • Health Connect: Supports new data types across fitness, nutrition, and more.
  • Partial Screen Sharing: Better control over what screen you share than the entire device screen.
  • In-app camera control: Allows developers to have better control over the camera for better low-light performance and advanced flash strength adjustments.
  • File Integrity: Updated APIs with the fs-verity feature in the Linux kernel for custom cryptographic signatures to protect against tampering or corruption.
  • Dynamic Performance: Meet the device’s workload with better thermal management and new capabilities like power efficiency, CPU, and GPU adjustments.
  • Privacy Sandbox: To improve the privacy and security of the Android experience.

How to Download and Install the Android 15 Developer Preview on Google Pixel

Regular users shouldn’t be installing the Android 15 Developer Preview because it is aimed at developers to test ahead of the official release. The update isn’t available through an OTA update; if you aren’t familiar with sideloading, then we strongly encourage users to wait for the final release.

  • First, you need to download the required OTA files.
  • After that, boot your device into recovery mode.
  • Next, head over to ADB Sideload.
  • Connect your Pixel device to your computer with the ADB Tool installed to enter the sideload command.
  • Now reboot your device.

However, if you are already enrolled in the Android 14 QPR Beta Programme, you can install Android 15 Developer Preview 1 without wiping your device. After the Android 15 Preview, you will get an automatic download of the Pixel.

Download the Android 15 OTA for Pixel Devices

You can download the system images to manually flash Android 15 on your device.

Developer Preview 1

Release date: February 16, 2024

Build: AP31.240119.016

Emulator support: X86 (64-bit), ARM (v8-A)

Security patch level: February 2024

Google Play Services: 24.02.15

API diff API 34 → V DP1

DownloadsFactory Images | OTA Files
DeviceDownload Factory imageDownload OTA
Pixel 8 ProDownloadDownload
Pixel 8:DownloadDownload
Pixel Tablet:DownloadDownload
Pixel FoldDownloadDownload
Pixel 7aDownloadDownload
Pixel 7 ProDownloadDownload
Pixel 7DownloadDownload
Pixel 6aDownloadDownload
Pixel 6 ProDownloadDownload
Pixel 6DownloadDownload

There will be a total of five Android 15 betas starting in April, leading up to the final release.