The alert for Android 14, quite similar to the previously released version, was seldom stated. Google first introduced Android 14 in February 2023. The timeline includes all the developer previews and has been made available to the public, much like Android 13.

Google released Android 14.5.3 on September 6, 2023, the last beta before the final release. However, there were some delays with the QPR1 Beta for Android 14, which indicates the nature of the underlying OS upgrade for the upcoming December 2023, according to the features in the quarterly platform release. With a slight month-long delay, Google officially made Android 14 available to all eligible Pixel devices and other brands in 2023.

Timeline for Android 14

This is the twenty-first release of Android, with the codename Upside Down Cake, which officially went live on October 4, 2023. Under the hood, many enhancements were committed to benefiting many users, such as accessibility options like 200% font scaling and customizable lock screens. In addition, Google committed to 7 years of updates on the Pixel 8 device.

Additionally, it adds support for ultra HDR improvements to the share menu, official support for flash notifications on the lock screen, and much more. However, many new features on Pixel phones have already been on Samsung smartphones, such as the new lock screen. However, some new features have been introduced in Samsung’s latest Android skin.

Features like the new quick panel, designed for quick settings, and the option to change wallpaper based on timing and weather conditions further expand lock screen customization. A new camera, weather feature, regional emojis, and font were also introduced.

Google has scheduled Android 14, which is similar to Android 13. For Android 13, there were two developer previews and eight releases. However, Google made a month-long delay, meaning it was originally scheduled for September, but users had to wait until October for the final beta update.

Devices above Pixel 4a 5G support the latest Android version, including their Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet. Following the update to native Android, manufacturers have started releasing their versions of the update. However, some brands still need to offer the latest OS update to their customers.

Android version history

The different versions of Android, the timeline from 1.0 to 14 development, from the first developer preview in February 2023 to the stable release in October 2023, and their features, release dates, and code names.

February 8, 2023Android 14 DP1
March 8, 2023Android 14 DP2
April 12, 2023Android 14 beta 1
April 26, 2023Android 14 beta 1.1
May 10, 2023Android 14 beta 2
May 25, 2023Android 14 beta 2.1
June 7, 2023Android 14 beta 3
June 14, 2023Android 14 beta 3.1
July 11, 2023Android 14 beta 4
July 27, 2023Android 14 beta 4.1
August 10, 2023Android 14 beta 5
August 18, 2023Android 14 beta 5.1
August 25, 2023Android 14 beta 5.2
September 6, 2023Android 14 beta 5.3
September 20, 2023Android 14 QPR1 beta
October 4, 2023Android 14 (stable version)

The latest features and improvements of Android 14, as well as the older releases from Android 11 to Android 4.4,