The Android 14 Developer Preview has some interesting features that are sure to blow your mind. The first Developer Preview already shows some great improvements. Another thing we’d like to discuss with you is that Android 14 will bring better support for external keyboards and also support touchpad gestures.

If you like to remap your keys, you can do so. This improvement will include keyboard remapping, touchpad gestures, and more. As we all know, Google is working towards making their Android compatible with larger screens, which includes foldables and tablets. Reportedly, Google is also working on making foldable smartphones.

Larger screen optimization and improvements have already been shared, as the new OS will bring the new taskbar, activity embedding, more optimized apps, improved letterboxing, and better split-screen, and there are more still in development. Reports have suggested that Google is also working on Hub Mode, Desktop Mode, Stylus handwriting, and Palm rejection support, and Android 14 shows some of those.

The first Android 14 Developer Preview has improved keyboard support, where devices are supposed to use the generic key layout and generic key character map to identify the Android Key Codes to accept and send instructions. This means that the full alphabetic US English PC style external keyboard will work with most generic QWERTY keyboards. It will also allow for remapping of the Caps Lock, Ctrl, Meta, and Alt, along with other functions.

Most people do use larger screens for content consumption, and with the support for keyboards it would be especially good for Android tablets. Not to mention, Android has supported external keyboards for a long time, but it seems like the things that have been lacking are going to be improved and function better with Android 14.

To check, users can tweak the settings by navigating to the device’s Language & Input. There, you will find the Physical Keyboard under Device Settings. On top of this, Android is also going to support the backlight of the connected keyboard which will use the new internal APIs. This is currently in Developer Mode, so if you have been using the Android 14 DP1 then you need to enable this from the Developer Mode.

Coming to Touchpad, it’s another thing that is going to improve the quality of life. You can check the Touchpad under the Touchpad in the System within the Device Settings. From the Touchpad settings, you will have different toggles that you can adjust according to your preference.