Samsung introduced Galaxy AI with the launch of the Galaxy S24 Series during Unpacked 2024. The company previously announced that Galaxy AI would be coming to the previous generation of Galaxy devices with the OneUI 6.1 update. Of all Samsung devices, only the flagship launched in 2024 will receive Galaxy AI.

The company is keeping its availability limited so people can consider upgrading to a new Galaxy. Samsung plans to bring the Galaxy AI experience to over 100 million Galaxy users by 2024. This is a time when Samsung is focusing on software and AI features much more than hardware. Google plans to bring the Galaxy AI experience to over 100 million Galaxy users by 2024.

Samsung to roll out Galaxy AI to older Galaxy phones

There are most of the Galaxy AI features coming to the Galaxy S23 Series, but it is not yet sure if all devices running One UI 6.1 will have Galaxy AI, but the Galaxy S23 Series will. Here is what you can expect from the Galaxy S23 Series:

  • Improved Animation
  • Galaxy AI features
  • Lock screen customised
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

The update includes a combination of on-device and cloud-based AI, for which you also need to sign in using a Samsung Account. The update for Samsung’s On Device Resource app has already been rolled out via the Galaxy Store, which helps to improve the process of features such as speech-to-text processing in Bixby and speech recognition for voice typing on the Samsung Keyboard.

It is also possible that Samsung will release a separate update for compatible devices. Because of the technical reason, the device has an NPU and GPU that can process at 16.6 milliseconds, which is why older devices won’t be adding the Galaxy AI. Samsung has confirmed the AI feature will not be coming to any devices released before 2023, which means the Galaxy S22 series won’t get the feature.

Features of Galaxy AI coming to older Galaxy devices

Here are the features that will come to older Galaxy devices. Samsung is looking to do more, but it must overcome challenges and continue to improve users’ security and privacy.

  • Chat Assist: You can adjust the message tone and translation in 13 different languages.
  • Live Translation: Voice and text translation for calls via Samsung Phone.
  • The keyboard now can adjust tone and writing style.
  • Interpreter: The split screen for text transcription for live conversation.
  • Google Circle Search
  • Samsung Note assists with creating formats, generating summaries, and translating.
  • Samsung Browser helps translate and summarise the web page.
  • Transcript assist: You can translate your recorded voice and you can also translate it.
  • The image editor adds the Generative Edit option to resize, reposition, or realign objects in photos in the Gallery.
  • Samsung Gallery has an edit suggestion for editing photos.
  • Instant Slow-Motion, which allows you to make any video in slow-motion, won’t be available on the S23 FE. There will be more improvements, which include compatibility with more video formats and resolutions. Currently, it’s only available for 8-bit video shot in 720p, 8K, and MP4.
  • There is also a new AI wallpaper generator to generate custom wallpapers.

There are many features, and Samsung has explored many ideas and concepts and will be developing features over time to enhance the mobile AI experience.

Google has already begun with the Android 15 Development Programme, which is said to go public by September this year, and Samsung’s upcoming Custom Skin One UI 7 to further improve Galaxy AI by collaborating with Google.

List of Eligible Galaxy AI Devices

Samsung tends to do a pretty good job at keeping its devices not only updated with the latest version of Android but also with the latest software features whenever possible.

You will soon be able to buy older Samsung products, which include,

  • Galaxy S23 Series
    • Galaxy S23
    • Galaxy S24 Plus
    • Galaxy S23 Ultra
    • Galaxy S23 FE
  • Galaxy Z Fold5
  • Galaxy Z Flip 5
  • Galaxy Tab S9 Series
    • Galaxy Tab S9
    • Galaxy Tab S9 Plus
    • Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

We can expect Samsung to begin rolling out the update by the end of March. However, it is not clear if Samsung is planning to roll out the AI feature to even older or lower-end software, such as the Galaxy S22 Series or the Galaxy A Series, but the precedent is certainly set.

You need to know that the Galaxy AI feature will not remain free of charge for life; you can enjoy it until the end of 2025. Other giants like Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI have paid subscriptions for AI at the minimum cost of $20 per month. In the next year, Samsung may announce more advances, and the company may charge a premium for them.

Samsung still needs to officially confirm which of the Galaxy AI offerings is coming to older devices due to restrictions on hardware capabilities. The company clearly said that some AI features from the Galaxy S24 Series won’t be available in previous generations. For the foreseeable future, the Galaxy S24 or one of the above devices will get the OneUI 6.1 update in March.