To make the device cheaper is by embedding adverstiments, Which helps OEM reduce cost and generate revenue in the long term. It works quite similarly as putting ads on YouTube, Websites, and Ads on the lock screen is Nothing less than this.

Google’s backed Glance (Subsidiary of InMobile Group) will likely enter the US. Reportedly, they are in talk with the US Carries to start adding Glance into the Android Device lock screen within the next two months. They service about 400 Million smartphones across Asia.

Glance officially launched in 2019, and it comes pre-installed on many Android devices to Monetize the lock screen. Where it displays ad feed even before unlocking smartphones. In India, they have more than 200 Million active engagements.

It was valued at $2 Billion for the first 100 Million active users, and its service was also funded by Reliance Jio, where they launched Jio Phone Next, developed in partnership with Google.

Realme is one of the OEMs that use Glance in their smartphone, and it is expected to be in U.S. Glance is India’s first unicorn startup. It has also been a significant part of Android-based custom skin PragtiOS, which comes with Jio Phone Next.

Ads to be more on budget smartphones, and some flagship devices won’t be loaded with Glance. It offers a dynamic lock screen and Delivers ads alongside different wallpaper, news headlines, and videos. The most irritating thing is you won’t be able to disable Glance permanently.

Some potential ways to disable the Glance are by bypassing the content, Realme, Vivo, Motorola, Xiaomi, Oppo, Samsung, OnePlus, and Nothing knew device to have Glance. That’s not enough, and they also have Android TV integration.

Ads coming to Android Smartphone Lockscreen expand from Asian market to the U.S within two months powered by Google-backed ‘Glance.’
Courtesy: Samsung Community/ AndroidGreek