The popular racing simulation game, Gran Turismo, has been developed since 1997. The next-generation game, Gran Turismo 8, is confirmed to be in development and is expected to release sometime in 2023. However, it is still being determined if Gran Turismo will be released on PS4 and PS5 or will remain exclusive to PS5. The game will have several more realistic missions that are familiar to the real world.

Kazunori Yamauchi, the CEO of Polyphony Digital, also said he had a theme in mind for the next game but has yet to reveal it. He also confirmed that Gran Turismo will still get updates, but only for some months because the developers are busy with Gran Turismo 8. The game modes for Gran Turismo have two difficulty levels: Easy and Normal.

Release Date of Gran Turismo 8. Check if it comes to the PlayStation Console or not.

Easy is for new players, while Normal is for those who drive faster than usual to give the game an extra kick. Players must complete certain checkpoints in the game to progress and unlock more music. It has several modes, with the main mode being World Mode, which has maps with various hubs to complete jobs. Café Mode is where players can complete missions in World Mode.

Release Date of Gran Turismo 8

The release date for Gran Turismo 8 has yet to be officially announced. Following the timeline of the previous Gran Turismo games, we can make assumptions. Gran Turismo 6 was released in 2013, and Gran Turismo 7 was released in 2022, which means there was a 9-year gap between the two games. However, there was no offline support following the release of Gran Turismo Sport, a remastered edition of the original series with online service.

The company takes four or five years to launch a new title, so we expect the game to be launched in 2026 at the earliest, based on the history of previous game releases. Before proceeding, we would like to mention that the series has a long history of delays. We would also like to mention that the next Gran Turismo game may be more focused on VR, as an update for Gran Turismo 7 is already planned for the launch of PlayStation VR, which is expected to arrive later this month and will deliver a mesmerising VR racing experience.

Will Gran Turismo 8 come to PS4 and PS5?

Gran Turismo 7 is available on PS4 and PS5, while Gran Turismo 3 is on PS3. We can expect Gran Turismo 8 to be available on PS4, but it depends on how long the development takes. If it is not delayed too much, then it may be available on PlayStation 5. If Gran Turismo 8 takes a lot of time, it is still being determined whether it will come to PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5.

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The game is still in early development and won’t be released for at least another five years. It’s too early to expect any news about the sequel, not to mention this long gap due to the growing expenses, complements, and time consumption of AA game development. Gran Turismo 8 will likely be a PS5 exclusive, may arrive at the end of PS5’slifecycle, and may even be a PS6 exclusive.