Xiaomi announced the launch date of its EV car on It is scheduled to launch in China on the 28th of December and will start deliveries in February 2024. The company is committed to investing 1.4 billion US dollars. It has also applied for a sales licence in China, signalling a serious commitment to the electric car sector.

Xiaomi is aiming at the world’s largest EV market, China, Germany, and the US, which are some of the largest EV markets. The Xiaomi SU7 will compete against Motors, BYD, BMW i4, and Tesla.

The device will be manufactured by Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co. Ltd. (BAIC), and the BAIC Off-road Vehicle Co. factory has already begun production. Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co. Ltd. (BAIC) will manufacture the Xiaomi SU7, which has already produced Mercedes-Benz cars in China under Beijing-Benz since 2005 with a 51% shareholding.

Xiaomi SU7

This electric 4-door 5-seater sedan passenger car comes in three different variants: SU7, SU7 Pro, and SU7 Max.

Xiaomi enters Chinese EV market with SU7 Series, Dec 28th
  • There will be two models:
    • One with LiDAR installed behind the front windscreen and one without LiDAR. There is a camera on the B Pillar for face unlocking.
  • There will be two powertrain options:
    • RWD with a 220 kW motor and a single motor mounted on the rear axle will produce 295 bhp.
    • AWD with 495 kW of maximum power (220 kW + 275 kW) will produce 663 bhp, divided into 295 bhp for the front and 368 bhp for the rear.
  • United Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. makes the electric motor with model number TZ220xS000.
    • It also comes with an ETC function that enables one to pay tolls on roads automatically.
  • It also features an active rear wing for high performance and to maximise speed. Some feature an active rear wing, offering a competitive range of over 500 km on a single charge.

Powered by HyperOS

Xiaomi’s HyperOS will power the SU7 Series since it runs on Android devices and cars. Through integration, it will offer seamless integration between phones, cars, and others.

Xiaomi enters Chinese EV market with SU7 Series, Dec 28th

Xiaomi will enable autonomous driving capabilities since it will come with a LiDAR sensor.

Xiaomi SU7 Key Specifications

Key specifications of the Xiaomi SU7 have surfaced, and the car has been approved by the Ministry of Industry and Informative Technology under the codename MS11 associated with the BJ7000MBEVR2 and BJ7000MBEVA1 model numbers of the SU7 Series.

Xiaomi enters Chinese EV market with SU7 Series, Dec 28th
Dimensions4997x1963x1455 mm
Wheelbase3000 mm.
19″ and 20″ Wheel245/45 R19 and 245/40 R20
Battery Pack• LFP Battery from BYD (Cheaper Trim)
•Ternary NMC from CATL (More expensive)
Top Speed• 210 km/h (Lower Trim)
• 265 km/h (Top Trim)

Spy Shots of the Xiaomi SU7 Series

As BAIC has been testing the car for a while, some glimpses of the vehicle are heavily camouflaged, which makes certain design elements unclear. Leaked images and videos reveal a sleek and modern design, offering a flowing silhouette and aerodynamic curves.

The front of the vehicle is closed, similar to the McLaren 720s coupe, with a minimalist and conventional steering wheel. The exterior has a clean look, featuring sleek triangular headlights, a tapered bonnet, and a front fascia with a prominent centre air intake and small side vents within the front bumper.

The side profile looks sporty, with a coupe-like roofline sloping sharply backwards. There are noticeable front fenders, rear haunches, and a striking alloy wheel pattern available in 19″ and 20″ sizes. The car also has a digital instrument cluster and an extensive infotainment system, showcasing Xiaomi’s expertise in consumer electronics.

The Xiaomi SU7 Series will initially be exclusive to the domestic Chinese market. The device will cost 149,000 Yuan (~$20,500) and will be available in grey and blue shades at least.