Amazon Prime Day is the major offering day which lets buyers grab their desired products at exclusive discounts. But, At the time of prime day, buyers are unable to find which product they are supposed to buy. For such a reason, Amazon has a Wish list feature that enables you to make a complete list of products to buy.

Even Amazon has given that Wish list feature, but buyers are unable to use it. Because It was not an initial feature, it was added later that the need was realized by the officials. For so, the new users are unknown to that Wish list feature. And those are now raising concerns about creating such a list. So, here we will let you know about it.

How to Create an Amazon Wish List

Prime day is an exciting day which is now on 13th and 14th July 2022. These days are like grabbing days on which the products have up to 90% discount. So, the buyers want to purchase a lot to save their money. But, Due to a lack of preparation, they are unable to purchase their essential products. Actually, In keeping discounts, they forget the essential ones which they think about before the prime day.

Moreover, Amazon has a dedicated list called Wish list. It lets you remember the essential products. But, some buyers are unaware of creating such a list. So, below we are laying down some instructions for creating a wishlist on Amazon.

Note: For doing the same on Mobile, Head over to your profile on Amazon App. After that, follow the steps from 3 to 6.

  • On your PC, visit the Amazon website and Login into your account.
  • Click on account & lists at the top right corner.
  • Now, click on the Your list option.
  • Click on Create a list and Enter the list name.
  • Next, click on Create List.
  • That’s it, and Your Amazon Wish list was created.

Besides that, Your wish list has now been created, and from now you just tap on add to list option. For this reason, Your desired product will be added to the wish list. As a result, You will remember what to purchase at the time of prime day. Although, we have explained the steps with full ease. Even then, if any user has queries, then feel free to ask them below.