Everyone must have heard about ChatGPT, Artificial General Intelligence, but many chatbots use similar techniques. The most advanced and consumer-friendly chatbot is ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI. Let’s talk about a new chatbot called Claude 2. This is one of the best AI chatbots and is currently only available in some countries, such as the UK and the US, but you can access Claude 2 even with a VPN.

Anthropic has created Isko, which is supported by Google and is their first consumer-friendly web-based service. It is a Claude 2 AI model, similar to OpenAI’s GPT model but not a chatbot. It uses the same underlying technology and directly responds to Google Bard. If you already use Google Bard, ChatGPT, or Microsoft Bing AI, you will not notice any significant differences except for some features like upload.

What is Claude 2 AI?

It all started in April 2022, when Anthropic first released Claude AI for consumers, and recently the company released an upgraded version, Claude 2 AI. To create this model, the company used Constitutional AI techniques, and Anthropic paid attention to AI safety, which the company refers to as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The latest version of Anthropic’s Claude 2 AI is close to its competitors, such as Google Bard and ChatGPT. The company has almost doubled the parameters from the first version to the latest version, which is 860 million. The company has also released its API for commercial use, which you can use to integrate into your apps or websites.

How to Access Claude 2

To access Claude 2, you need to be in the UK or US, but you can also access it through third-party app services such as Poe. Let’s see how you can access Claude 2.

If you are in the US, you can use Poe, created by Quora. Although free, there is a limit of 100 prompt messages per month.

Is Claude 2 Better than ChatGPT?

When it comes to whether Claude 2 is better than ChatGPT or not, Claude can handle bigger messages better. For example, Claude 2 can write up to 75,000 words here, while ChatGPT has limitations.

Besides that, Claude 2 and ChatGPT can handle similar tasks such as summarising, translating, and such. However, Claude 2 has some benefits, such as the option to upload a PDF, which is acceptable for about 5 files, 10 MB each, and is faster than ChatGPT.

How to use Claude AI

Well, using Claude AI is relatively easy. Once you log in, you’ll see a text box prompt where you can enter your password. Simply type in your prompt and submit it. Below are some examples that showcase the capabilities of Claude AI.

Claude AI has a variety of uses, but it is primarily optimised to help with coding, data analysis, and machine learning. It is also ideal for data science and technical writing.

It is especially useful for school students, as Claude scored 88.0% in math exams using GSM8K. Compared to the last generation, Claude 2’s AI is twice as good and much safer. It is comparable to GPT-4 and can conversationally respond in natural language. While it may not be perfect, its responses are good and human-like. When we tested Claude 2’s responses in ZeroGPT, the results were mostly human-written.

Claude AI is a perfectly balanced AI-powered chatbot useful for queries and code writing and can provide up-to-date event information. Like other AGI chatbots, it is a public-facing website where you can submit feedback.