The smartphone is rapidly evolving with the Camera technology alongside a Higher refresh rate device. The Device is been replacing the shot-on camera, Whereas the 108MP Camera Megapixel count resolution is commercially available camera Senor in the market. Today, a 256MP Camera surfaced on the website but most of the flagship manufacture recommend 12MP Camera sensor and they optimizing.

108 Megapixel is not enough?
Does our Smartphone Ready for even 64MP and did OEM Optimised well to Move Further?

256 Megapixel Camera Sensor

The 256MP Camera is been posted by Digital Chat station on Weibo, where it is in “256MP Ultra-Clear Mode” likely what we seen in today smartphone with 64MP Camera mode and 108MP Camera mode. However, there are no details is been share as of now also there is no mention which camera sensor belongs to Samsung, Sony or Omnivision.

Under the hood, The Company is been looking like it is in an earlier stage of development. It Will soon become commercial in a couple of months but there is a lot to work remain. As of now, there is no chipset is being prepared for the 256MP Camera as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Support 200MP.

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Furthermore, The Interface of the camera mode is blurred for some reason. Likely, It is working on some other manufacture or developing their own Chipset and it Would Support 256MP Camera sensor. Also, This is the first time when some 256MP Camera is been spotted. We Belive it will announce in IFA2020 this year.

256 Megapixel Camera Sensor

On the other hand, The Camera Sensor is not been claimed by any Manufacture. It Could be the Smartphone company working on their chipset and developing sensor. Even They Might be working with Chipset Manufacture and Camera sensor Manufacture working secretly on their project.

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