League of Legends, one of Riot Games’ popular titles, offers various ways to entertain players. The 1v1 tournament is extraordinary, allowing amateurs to compete on Summoner’s Rift. Many players participate in 1v1 tournaments to improve their skills and establish a reputation in the League of Legends community.

Numerous websites host these tournaments, providing an excellent opportunity to test individual gameplay. However, players must adhere to specific rules. Below, we will outline the rules that govern League of Legends 1v1.

List of Rules for League of Legends 1v1

Riot Games has been organizing official tournaments for the past eight years, including events like Red Bull Solo Q, which brings together amateur players. These tournaments require a League of Legends account and present an excellent opportunity to enhance your gaming abilities.

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Before participating in a League of Legends 1v1 tournament, familiarizing yourself with the rules is crucial. Let us take a look at the following rules to ensure a fair and enjoyable gameplay experience:

  • Participants must have a valid League of Legends account.
  • Players must be at least 16 years old.
  • Participants must be citizens of a qualifying country for at least six months.
  • Players currently competing in the LCS, LEC, or any other tournament are not eligible to participate.
  • All players must adhere to the rules set by the tournament administration.
  • Insults or unfair behavior may result in disqualification.
  • Intentional loss of matches is strictly prohibited.
  • Offensive usernames directed at opponents are not allowed.
  • The administration reserves the right to change a player’s name if it violates game rules.
  • Using tournament photos or videos for website content is prohibited.
  • Communication with the administration must be in English or French only.
  • Matches can only be postponed with prior consultation with officials.
  • Players will only win the match if they arrive within 10 minutes.
  • The first player to kill 100 minions wins the match.

Additionally, there are some minor restrictions that participants are generally aware of. Violating any of these rules can result in disqualification or a reduction in prize money. To stay updated on upcoming matches, joining the League of Legends Discord or other relevant platforms is recommended.

In conclusion, League of Legends 1v1 tournaments offer equal benefits and require players to follow specific rules. Any violation of these rules may result in consequences. However, we trust you will avoid any rule infractions by following our guide. If you have questions or concerns, please ask them in the comment section below.