It’s been almost a month since Apple released the iOS 17 Developer Beta. As expected, it has major bugs. It is not recommended to upgrade to iOS 17 Developer Beta on their primary device. For general users, it is advisable to wait for iOS 17 Stable, which will be released in September alongside the Apple iPhone 15 Series.

iOS 17: Updated Features

There are a lot of upcoming features and changes announced by Apple, but not all of them have been pushed out yet. Also, some features need to be supported on some devices.

  • Siri Back-to-Back Request: You can now follow up on a conversation, but it only works in English in certain regions like Australia, Canada, Great Britain, and the US. It is supported on iPhone 10s, 10R, and later.
  • Contact Widgets: Now, contact widgets will show a walking emoji indicating the person is walking. Previously, it only showed the driving icon.
  • Swipe-Up for Image Pull-Out: Previous users needed to tap and hold to remove the subject from the image, but now you can do it with a simple swipe-up. It will also outline the subject when you swipe up on an image. The outline also shows who the person is in the bottom-left corner of the image.
  • Standby Mode: When you put your smartphone on the charger horizontally, your iPhone switches into standby mode. However, to always stay on, you need an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max, as they have AOD.
  • Visual Look-Up Icon: It detects several things, like auto symbols. It is not accurate now, but we can expect it to improve. If you search for anything like a keyboard, anything that is a visual look-up in a video will directly jump to that part of the video you searched for.
  • Glyph Icon: In the Photos app, with the Live option, there are two Glyph icons next to each option.
  • AutoCorrect: There is an updated AutoCorrect algorithm, but it only works on iPhone 12 or later. It also only works in certain languages, such as Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Korean, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, and Thai.
  • Passcode: If you change your passcode, you can use your old passcode for 72 hours. However, you can disable this by tapping “Expire Previous Passcode Now.” There are currently bugs that prevent some users from doing this.
  • New Glyph Icon on Apple ID: In the Apple ID section, there are upgraded Glyph icons.
  • Keyboard Prediction: The Apple keyboard can now predict what you will type in real-time. It requires an iPhone 12 or later and only supports English.
  • Search Engine for Private Search: You can change the search engine for your incognito or private search. This will be different from a regular search engine.
  • Shortcut Widgets: Shortcuts are not interactive on the lock screen; they now take you to the shortcut app. As far as I can tell, this looks more like a bug, as the shortcuts are supposed to launch the app natively.
  • Video Effect: You now have a slider in Video Effects for effects like Studio Effects. With this, you can adjust the video effects’ intensity.
  • Siri Update: You can now change what to say to wake Siri, like “Siri”, “Hey Siri”, or “Hey Sirif only”. This means they are dropping “Hey Sirif” from Siri this year while keeping “Hey Siri”. This will be available on all devices but only in English. Also, it only works with AirPods 2.
  • Screen Distance: This is another feature that reduces eye strain. If you hold your mobile too close to your face, it will notify you. However, it seems annoying to many people because it closes the app you are using. Despite its excellent feature, you can also disable it on some apps, and a whitelist of apps should be added.
  • Adaptive Audio: This is the latest AirPods beta feature in iOS 17. You have to be in the beta for the AirPods. This feature includes innovative Adaptive Audio for noise control, personalised volume, and conversation awareness. In the control centre, you can set adaptive audio.
  • Mute and Unmute: This could be handy for users, as it allows them to mute or unmute by pressing the AirPod stem.
  • Shazam is now on Dynamic Island. When you open Shazam for music recognition, it opens on Dynamic Island.
  • Unlocking a watch with iPhone in Dynamic Island: Instead of a notification, it now appears in Dynamic Island, which looks much better and is a better use of Dynamic Island.

What are the iOS 17 bugs and issues?

Let’s check what bugs people face and what has been fixed with iOS 17 Developers Beta 2. If you encounter any bugs, please report them on the feedback app to improve the system.

  • Lockscreen Customization Glitch: When you change the filter during lock screen customisation, you encounter a colour-changing glitch.
  • Waze: It stays on Dynamic Island even after closing the app. Some users also report that it does the same with airdrops.
  • Sleep Mode Bug: If you enable Sleep Mode, it crashes, saying the system experience crashed.
  • Rounded-Edge Glitch on AirPlay: When you tap on AirPlay from the control centre, the edge is supposed to be rounded, but it’s not.
  • UI Lag: Compared to iOS 16, the UI and apps open slowly.
  • Apple Music Crash: With the updated cross-fading feature, Apple updated Apple Music, but it crashed.
  • Control-Centre Glitch: Some tiles may appear late when opening Control Centre.
  • Contact Card: This is an updated feature where Apple creates the Apple Card itself, and even if you try to delete it, it doesn’t get deleted.
  • Auto-rotation glitch: When you change your iPhone’s rotation, auto-rotation doesn’t work as expected. It does get glitchy, but in the end, it rotates, albeit with a glitch.
  • Battery Health: Battery drain is an issue, but this was expected, and one of the main reasons is an idle drain for mail applications.
  • Magnifier App: The accessibility feature point and detection feature are not showing, and the app itself is glitchy.
  • Live Wallpaper: It’s not working on some devices.
  • Mail: On some devices, the mail app needs to be fixed, and some face issues with their mail not being in the mail app.
  • Keyboard Bug: Some users have faced issues with the keyboard not working properly.
  • IMessage Bug: If you send a message to some Android users, it doesn’t get sent.
  • Live Voice Mail: Most users haven’t received Live Voice mail yet.
  • Name Drop: Another major feature that isn’t supported on most devices.
  • Journal app: still needs to be released.
  • Performance: Few users have noticed any performance differences yet. Things are improving with this build.
  • Live Reactions: It’s like a 3D reaction feature. To display things, users can emote emojis, like thumbs up. It’s quite similar to what Camo announced during Microsoft Build 2023. It will work on iPhone 12 or later when you use the front camera.

We can expect many bugs to be fixed with iOS 17 Developer Beta 2. All new features are delivered to all iPhones, but a few aren’t supported, such as accessibility mode requiring the LiDAR sensor.