A month it was passed since Meta released Twitter’s rivalry named “Threads”. To be specific, if you look at Twitter’s present things, it has plenty of restrictions that could be hectic for a regular Twitter user. Along with that, Twitter also hit numerous blue tick verified users and getting such an opportunity, Meta released “Threads by Instagram”. 

Initially, Meta released the Threads app for both Android and iOS. Also, developers made many additions to that primary Threads app. Threads app has numerous features, but lesser-known ones include For You, Post Translation, Quick Follow, etc. Everything is perfect with Threads except its availability on the Desktop. Fortunately, the same has come true as developers yesterday announced it. So, let us have a look at it.

Meta Announced Threads for Desktop: Here is how to use them

If you search over the web, you will find a new link, Threads.net, from where you can log in to your Threads account through the web itself. Previously, users needed to download its app on their devices, and I also agree that applications are easier to use than desktop clients. Nevertheless, even knowing that plenty of users still prefer to use Threads Desktop. After all, a web client has its benefits.

It is understandable that the Desktop client has numerous features; the top is fast access with a comprehensive view—as well as complete access to the Threads Server. There might be some lack of features on Web clients, but Meta adds complete things to the website, too. After discussing Threads Desktop availability, let us move on to learn how to use it.

How to Use Threads on the Web for Desktop
  • Open any web browser.
  •  Then Search for Threads.net
  •  Now, Enter your Username and Password.
  •  At the next moment, you will enter into Threads Server.
  •  After this, Scroll feeds, upload posts, do likes or do whatever you want.
  •  That is it; in this way, you can use Threads Desktop.

Besides that, Meta has more plans to showcase them as a new platform for existing users. These plans are reaching milestones, adding features for free that people are paying for in another place, providing flexibility, and more. Remember, the main aim of Meta is to make an ecosystem where, being a user, you can connect to social media apps in every segment. So, this was everything about the recent Threads Desktop announcement. I hope you got to know everything. Even after this, if any user has a query, ask them below.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How do I find friends on Instagram Threads?

Ans. There are many ways, such as through direct search or any invitation.

Q2. What is the difference between Instagram and Threads?

Ans. Instagram covers a considerable user base, while Threads is merely for close relationships.

Q3. Will deleting the Threads app delete Instagram?

Ans. Yes, it will delete your Instagram, too, as Threads are based on Instagram.

Q4. How do I follow people on Threads?

Ans. The process is similar to Instagram, where you follow them through their profile page.