Samsung and Other Tech Giant Company invested in MicroLED Technology -Know Why?

Today Your Smartphone has More Pixels than 60-inch Tv. Where Apple Developed a MicroLED Display for its Apple Watch and Display is the only Thing where we interact, and spend time over it

The MicroLED is More Organic than LEDs Which become Popular for past Few Years. Basically, LCD screen based OLED Can Generate its own Light. Where traditional LCD need Backlight to Generate Color. Where OLED help to view a Clear Picture With deep black alongside Contrast ratio.

It also offers a Clear Black by Turning off the individual Pixel, Color accuracy and off-angle viewing Where OLED is not as Bright, Slim but OLED is Much less Expensive than MicroLED.

The Problem is that LCD Consume battery than any Hardware on Yout Mobile Device. Here the O LED stands for a Carbon-based Molecules. So the Pixel Which Shows a White Color for a long time than to Suffer from a Burnin.

Here, micro led to use an inorganic material such as Gallium nitride Which is last longer material than the OLED Display. MicroLED has a much brighter screen and consumes Less Power compare to OLED Display for the Same Brightness level. Where it also can easier to manufacture and in Different Shapes and Size.


Samsung Sows its The Wall TV in CES 2018 With a 146-inch prototype TV, Where Samsung used MicroLED Panels. There is a Drawback of MicroLED, MicroLED needs a lot of time to Manufacture MicroLED because they need to Build one Pixel at a Time.


Means We have to wait a Bit Long to Use MicroLED Gadgets as our daily drivers. Reportedly, Google is also made its Google Class With MicroLED Technology. We have to wait for the Future,

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