The vast majority of cable TV networks have declined in popularity in the last few years, and they deserve to do so. If you look at present user preferences, you will see that people want on-demand and ad-free content, which cable TV has no scope for. Many companies were attracted to such a wonderful opportunity, as YouTube TV has been serving the globe for six years now and have a major share of the business.

YouTube TV has plenty of features, such as streaming live content, local sports, news, and shows from 100+ channels, including CBS, FOX, HBC, HGTV, TNT, and many more. In March, YouTube TV introduced the Multiview feature, dedicated to sports news. Recently, they added four new areas to Multiview. Let’s take a look at what they have done.

YouTube TV: Testing Non-Customizable Multiview: Added Four New Channels

It is worth keeping in mind that YouTube TV raised its normal subscription from $65 to $73 during March Madness. I know this is a major price hike, but YouTube added the Multiview concept, where they give Sports Channels 24×7 live streaming. After seeing the massive increase in the active user base, YouTube TV recently tweeted about testing four new Multiview channels with some limited users.

To be more specific, YouTube TV has a total of five Multiview channels, comprised of Sports, News (General), Business News, Weather, and Deportes. Additionally, Multiview can be visible in multiple ways, such as 2 views (Side by Side), 3 views (1 on the left side and the next 2 on the right side), and 4 views (2 on the right side and 2 downside). Do remember that this feature is limited to some users and can only be used with TV and streaming services. You must use it on something other than your tablets and smartphones. Also, you can’t customise those streaming channels.

As of now, there are no criteria for whom YouTube has selected to use the new Multiview feature. The current limited Multiview rollout is geared towards the coming NFL Sunday Ticket. As a global streaming network, they want to first test the feature with limited users and later roll it out to all YouTube TV users. Meanwhile, for some YouTube TV subscribers, there will be a new section in the Home tab called Multiview where they can watch those five categories’ live streams all day and night.

In conclusion, YouTube TV is trying to compensate for the instant price hike in the base plan. It will be a new experience for users. Let’s see how the test results after being used by a small portion of subscribers. Ultimately, the benefit is for the user, as they can get different views at the same time on their TV. The test will finish soon and developers will release the feature to the entire globe. Stay tuned with us, as we will let you know when the feature goes live publicly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I get YouTube Multiview?

Ans. Currently, the Multiview feature’s Sports stream is available to everyone, and the entire five stream channels will roll out after testing.

Q2. Is Multiview available on YouTube TV?

Ans. Yes, it is available on YouTube TV, but currently, some phases are under testing.

Q3. How can I watch YouTube twice?

Ans. You can do that in YouTube’s video settings under Playback Speed.

Q4. How do you play half-speed on YouTube?

Ans. You can do the same through YouTube’s Playback Speed.