Activision announced their upcoming multiplayer bases COD Tittle, Vanguard. The game is available to pre-order, and after pre-order, players also get access to early access for testing ahead of the stable release. The game will be available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

So, if you wonder how you can pre-order Call of Duty Vanguard, then in this article, we will share the step-by-step instructions mentioned below.

Pre-Order Call of Duty Vanguard

  • Open
  • Click on Pre-Order
  • After that, choose the PC, Xbox or PlayStation based on your preference
  • After that, it asks you to select the edition that you want to reserve
  • Then, it will redirect you to the Payment gateway
  • Click on Pre-Purchase and login with your account to continue
  • Complete the payment, and that’s it

You will receive the recipient on your respective Gmail; each edition of the game comes with its benefits. Hopefully, we help you with completing the pre-order, and this article remains helpful for you. We would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback; if there is any query, share with us in the comment section below.