Whenever you have read any of the troubleshooting guides, you may have heard of a Chromium-based web browser as a requirement. But have you ever wondered where the word “chromium” comes from? I will tell you that it comes from the world’s most popular browser, called Google Chrome. This is because Google Chrome is equipped with all the necessary features needed today, and it’s a Google product.

Google already has success across the entire Android user base, but some Apple users are still stuck with their old belief in “Safari”. With that in mind, Google Chrome has announced some new features that will tempt Apple Safari users and force them to switch to Chrome. Surprisingly, Chrome has announced these features, but some users don’t know about them. So, let’s take a look at them.

Google Chrome on iOS gets handy features such as Google Maps integration, enhanced translation capabilities, and more.

Previously, Google Chrome for iOS released a stable update, v114.0.5735.124, in which all reported bugs were fixed and improved user experience. To gain more users, Google announced on Tuesday that they would roll out four updated ways to use Google Chrome on iOS. However, there is no specific time to release these new features, but they will be available soon.

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‎Google Chrome
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Previously, users had to open Google Maps separately to get an overview of any location. However, when we tap and hold on to any location, its complete details will be displayed in a mini Google Maps showcase within Google Chrome. Similarly, Google Calendar has the same integration, along with Search with Google Lens and translation within Chrome. To better understand, let’s take a closer look at each feature.

Open Google Maps in Chrome

Before this integration, whenever users saw a location or address, they had to copy it and search for it by opening Google Maps separately. But with this coming integration, users don’t need to do anything. They simply tap and hold the address, and within a second, a mini Google Map displays on the screen and shows the specified result.

class="wp-block-heading">Create an Instant Calendar of Events.

Getting things organised is always a sign of success, and Google Calendar plays a vital role. But just as with Google Maps, in the coming months, Google Calendar will soon be added to Google Chrome. So, from now on, when any iOS user finds any date of an event, they simply tap and hold on to that. The next moment, a small pop-up of Google Calendar opens, and an event can be created within Chrome.

Use Google Lens in Chrome.

I am sure you know about Google Lens if you are a keen Google fan. It is a product from Google that uses AI to search, translate, and do many more things using the camera. All you need to do is tap on the Google Lens sign and click on the image of the object you want to search for. Google plans to add that lens to Chrome so that Chrome users on iOS get the best experience.

Instantly translate any webpage.

I agree that numerous web browsers offer webpage translation, and even Chrome has it. However, they need to translate the entire page and enable it separately. However, the forthcoming translation integration will allow you to translate specific texts. You must select the text you want to translate and tap Google Translate in the next option. Following this, you can translate within Chrome itself.

To sum up, these are the things Google plans to roll out in Chrome for iOS users in the coming months. I hope these new changes will tempt all iOS users to use only Google Chrome. After all, such integration will help a lot. However, they are the last additions, as Google has plans to do more things in the future. Let’s see what more can be done in the coming months. Till then, stay tuned with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I add Google Translate to Chrome on my iPhone?

Ans. You will get this automatically in the coming months.

Q2. What is Chrome on iOS?

Ans. It means you can install Chrome on iOS via the App Store.

Q3. Why is Chrome better on iOS?

Ans. It offers better syncing options as well as the new integrations mentioned above.

Q4. What is the fastest browser?

Ans. After considering different aspects, Google Chrome is the fastest.