We all know how serious Microsoft is about its work, whether it is making acquisitions or launching a new product. In such a situation, Microsoft’s eyes fell on the mobile gaming market. Meanwhile, they saw that only mobile gaming had taken a 51% share of the entire gaming industry. Although Google Play Store and App Store are two big gaming stores. 

But still, many gaming companies cannot work with these stores. The reason is that some games do not follow the guidelines of their stores. And somewhere, that gaming store does not support them. Keeping these things in mind, Microsoft wants to expand its Xbox Store to mobile devices. So, let’s discuss what exactly they have planned. 

Microsoft soon compete with Google Play Store and App Store, Launching Xbox Mobile Store 

When Microsoft launched Xbox Store at that time, they aimed to service Xbox users. But, When they look over the Mobile gaming community and its presence in the gaming industry. They are surprised that Almost half of the industry has a mobile gaming share. However, Microsoft has not self-announced for Xbox Mobile Store. 

But, While filing for UK’s Competition and Market Authority (CMA), it revealed that Microsoft is somewhere working on expanding Xbox for Mobile gaming. With that, Microsoft’s filling CMA is currently investigating Microsoft for Activision Blizzard Acquisition (Worth $68.7 billion). Microsoft aggressively said to build its gaming platform. 

Apart from that, Microsoft said that the main aim of building an Xbox mobile store is to compete with Google Play Store and App Store. Although, it is not so easy because consumer behaviour takes some time to change. But, For this, Microsoft planned to begin with Candy Crush Saga and CoD Mobile for better user attraction. 

The main reason to expand Xbox for mobile gaming is Microsoft’s quick support and better handling. Also, They have already used Xbox Cloud Gaming on the Valve Steam deck. Meanwhile, Microsoft has experience in offering gaming services via different fronts. But, CMA asked Microsoft how they enter mobile gaming from a console. 

Furthermore, Microsoft argued and said to hire third-party developers. The best part is that here, developers are allowed to freely run their app store on Xbox mobile, including their payment system for In-app purchases. The developers will work efficiently and not take a chance of leaving the Xbox Mobile Store. 

Nevertheless, It is easy for Xbox Mobile Store to launch on Android devices. But there may be some discrepancies while launching the same on App Store because Apple has more rigid restrictions than Google. Except for this, the rest depends on Activision Blizzard’s acquisition and how it boosts the overall competition. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1.Is Xbox and Microsoft Store the same? 

Ans. Microsoft Store and Xbox Store both are the same channels of distribution.  

Q2.Is Microsoft Store free? 

Ans. From Windows 10, Microsoft Store is, by default, available. 

Q3.How many apps does Microsoft Store have? 

Ans. Microsoft Store now has more than 800,000 apps. 

Q4.Is Google play the same as Microsoft Store? 

Ans. Exactly not, Google Play Store is for Android devices, and Microsoft Store is for Windows and Consoles.