As Microsoft says, they will integrate generative AI functionality across their products and services. Microsoft Launcher v6 has been in beta for a while, and it is still in beta but will soon be available in the stable version. Previously, for mobile, the Bing AI Chatbot could be used from the Bing mobile app and Edge browser. They are expanding the Bing Chat access directly from Microsoft Launcher without having Edge Browser or Bing App.

The update is rolling out in beta via monthly system updates. You can use Microsoft Launcher to access the Bing AI Chatbot from your Android home screen. This feature is rolling out to everyone, and Microsoft Launcher has over 50 million downloads.

Microsoft Launcher with Bing AI Chatbot

Launcher is one of the most popular launchers for Android and is known for providing a quality experience. The company has upgraded its Microsoft Launcher with Bing Chat integration, powered by ChatGPT. It works identically to Bing Chat in a browser, including selecting chat tones and using voice inputs.

Microsoft Launcher
Microsoft Launcher
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Bing AI has been integrated into the latest beta build of Microsoft Launcher alongside a new Bing Search Widget. After updating, when the Launcher is launched, users will receive a greeting message from Bing, accompanied by a button that allows voice-promoted searches.

With this integration, you can directly launch the Bing AI Chatbot from the Android home screen, reducing the friction of opening an app. Similarly, Microsoft has rolled out Windows CoPilot in the Insider Preview to improve users’ experience. Microsoft has yet to announce the official launch date for Launcher, the company’s primary Android device, so you do not have to look forward to the inclusion of AI.

To use the Bing AI Chatbot on the Microsoft Launcher, you can use it from anywhere in the Launcher where you search to get valuable answers to your questions. It is supported in all regions where Bing Chat is already available. To use it, you need Android 8.0 or higher. Older versions of Android do not work due to permission issues.

How to Use the Microsoft Launcher on Android

You can download your Microsoft Launcher from the Google Play Store if you have not still need to set it up. Set up your Microsoft Launcher and start using it on your Android smartphone.

  • On Microsoft Launcher, pull the screen to open the search bar.
  • There, you will find the new Bing feature to start a conversation from anywhere in the Launcher.
  • The search bar has been updated with Bing Chat and voice features.

Note: ChatGPT powers this and works quite similarly to the new Bing AI chatbot on the web. Also, the Surface Duo does not support Bing Chat with the Microsoft Launcher.

If your device supports Microsoft Launcher with Bing AI Chatbot, then you can use the integration with Bing App, Edge, and Skype. However, there is not any action support like in Windows CoPilot, such as enabling or disabling dark mode or reading the screen with this update.

This feature is still in development, and it may take some time. There are new widgets to launch Bing AI Chatbot with the latest update to Microsoft Launcher, Bing App, Edge, and Skype on mobile. You can add those widgets to your home screen to make it easier to get information and offer a personalised and productive experience.