So, if you are looking to give your Windows a Minimal look but at the same time don’t want to make your computer heavy, then today we are going to share an in-depth guide on how you can make your desktop minimal. 

Avoid clutter, heavy customization, or things that could complicate this process. We are not going to use Rainmeter, but some tools that are available for free to download and install from Microsoft Store. Without further ado, let’s get deep into this. 

Hide Desktop ICON 

This is the first step toward making your desktop minimal and giving it an aesthetic look. To hide your Desktop icon, here are the instructions. 

  • Right-Click on your desktop 
  • From the context menu, go to View and click on the Show desktop icon to disable. 

Download Wallpaper 

You can download any wallpaper that you see fit best if you need help finding where to download wallpaper, head over to this page

Once you download the wallpaper, apply it as Desktop wallpaper. 

  • Locate the wallpaper you download, and then right-click on the image. 
  • Next, click on “Set as desktop background.” 

Download and Install widgets 

We need to download and install Be Widgets to place some widgets so your desktop looks more connected. 

Clock Widget 

  • Open Microsoft Store, and Search for BeWidgets
  • After downloading, please open it and click on New Widget. 
  • Name it and then click on Customize. 
  • Fill in the details according to your preference. 
  • For Example: 
  • Width: 400 
  • Set 12-hour format and Remove Zero Before the hour, appear under Preferences 
  • Keep background colour transparent; appear under Appearance 
  • And Adjust the font size to maybe 80; Font could be Gilroy ExtraBold. 
  • In the end, Place the Clock by clicking on Center Position X, which appears under Main. 
  • Re-adjust according to your preference. 

Add Calendar 

  • Click on New Widget, and then click on the drop-down menu to choose Date. 
  • Please give it a name, and then Adjust it. 
  • Change the colour to transparent and fonts from the Customizable context box. 
  • You can change the format or other things based on your preference. 

Add Weather 

  • Again, Click on New Widget, and choose time from the drop-down menu. 
  • Now give the widget a name, and then Click on Customize to open the Customizable menu. 
  • From there, Change the Forecast settings like Unit, and Keep the background colour transparent. 
  • Now, Change the city where you live so it shows you your weather details. 
  • Adjust the position of the widget, and That’s it. 

It allows you to create your own personalized and customizable modern widget related to Time, Date, Photos, weather or application shortcut. 

After settings up your Widgets, you need to make sure it should remain Run on Startup but also keep this Hide on Startup; for this, here are the instructions. 

  • Open BeWidget, and then Click on Settings. 
  • Under Preferences, you can find the toggle menu to hide on Startup. 
  • Toggle to enable, and there you have it. 

 Download, and Install TranslucentTB and RoundedTB 

We have finished the Desktop part, and now it comes to the taskbar. For this, you need to have TranslucentTB. 

  • Open Microsoft Store, and then Search for TranslucentTB and RoundedTB
  • Open both the app, and you will have the Transparent Taskbar, and there will be no lines thanks to RoundedTB that we have installed. 

Download and Install Files App 

To make your File Manager catch up with the desktop aesthetics, it’s an excellent choice to give the File app a shot. 

  • Open Microsoft, and then search for Files App. 
  • Launch the File app and open Settings. 
  • From there, Choose your Color as Light and from the theme Choose Glass. 
  • Remember to toggle the Set Files as Default File Manager from the Experimental Section. 
  • There you have it, nice clean File apps that match your Desktop aesthetics. 

If you were thinking about how you can uninstall that, it’s simple since we have downloaded the application from Microsoft like other applications. 

  • Search for the app that you want to Uninstall. 
  • From the Right-panel click on Uninstall. 
  • That’s it! 

Note: Disable the Set Files as the default-file manager before uninstalling the Files app.