Google announced an Emoji wallpaper in Android 14 during Google I/O 2023. This feature will be available on some Android devices soon. Users can download the Android 14 Emoji Wallpaper APK and use it on Android smartphones that run on stock Android.

Google has released Android 14 Beta 3, and a stable update is expected to be released in August that brings new features and improvements. With this build, a new wallpaper feature called Emoji Wallpaper is available exclusively for Pixel Phones through the Pixel Feature Drop update.

Download Android 14 Emoji Wallpaper APK

Users need to download the two Android 14 Emoji Wallpaper APK files and sideload them to install them on their devices. Make sure to install the Wallpaper app last and grant the necessary permissions. Then, you can start using it from the app drawer.

It allows users to personalize their devices with their favorite emojis, a fun and creative way to customize them. It’s quite easy; however, there are some known bugs, such as the wallpaper not appearing on your screen after applying it. Also, bugs could vary depending on your device.

Download and install Android 14 Emoji Wallpaper on any Android phone
[Courtesy: 9TO5Google]

Note: It includes several risks, so proceed at your own risk. This feature has not been tested on Galaxy smartphones, and it may only be compatible with Pixel devices running Android 13 or later.

How to Customise Emoji Wallpaper on an Android Smartphone

Once installed, you can start using it immediately without restarting your device. It includes a plugin and wallpaper app extracted from Android 14 and can be accessed from the app drawer of your Galaxy smartphone.

Learn how to create and set them up with Google’s Emoji Workshop Wallpaper APK from Android 14 [Early APK].

  • Open the Wallpaper app in the App Drawer.
  • Scroll down to find the Live Wallpaper section.
  • Tap on the Live Wallpaper option.
  • There you will find the Emoji Wallpaper category.
  • Tap on Explore the available options. Now tap on the gear icon that appears in the top-right corner.
  • After that, this will open the Emoji Wallpaper personalization page.
  • From there, you have options similar to Android 14 Emoji Wallpaper, including choosing a set of emoji, patterns, sizes, and background colors. Alternatively, you can choose the Randomise option to have a random set of emoji to choose from.
  • Once you finish, tap the Done button on top, and now you can set it as wallpaper.
  • That’s it!

When you launch the app, it will blink a green light. Tap on it and select the option “Google Showcased” at the time of the Android 14 Emoji Wallpaper instructions. With the gear icon, you can expand the customization settings to generate an emoji wallpaper based on your preference. You can pick emoji, patterns, sizes, and colors, and there is also an option for a randomize toggle. After you create an Emoji wallpaper, you can set it on your home or lock screen without customization.

Some users have faced an issue during the preview function as it is broken, and the emoji wallpaper is not interactive like the Google Pixel 7 Pro. There are several alternative methods that you can use to get the Emoji Wallpaper feature on your Android phone and the new Emoji Update on your Android device.