The Android Auto update has been a hot topic since the beginning of the year. This is because Google last updated its Android Auto app a long time ago. They have already conducted a beta program for the 8.7 updates this year and are rolling it out gradually. However, you may still need to receive the update immediately; it may take some time before it reaches you.

The Android Auto 8.7 update brings a new ” Coolwalk ” feature and a complete change in user perception, including enhanced features like WhatsApp Calling. However, because the app was in beta, many users may need to be made aware of the finalization of this update. So, let’s discuss it.

Google has started rolling out the Android Auto 8.7 update. Here’s how to update it:

The developers tested the powerful features of the 8.7 update during the early days of January 2023. They selected some beta testers and provided this new update to them. After a few days of testing, they have now completed the update. However, they are only rolling out the update to some users at a time. Their goal is to learn from the results of updates, so they first release updates in small phases and check the results.

If all is well, they will release the next stage. Meanwhile, they are testing the reliability of the newly added features. The 8.7 updates clarified that the upgraded Coolwalk design would be available immediately. The developers will give it to beta testers, and through a server update, everyone will get it. You may wonder why you should update version 8.7 and what’s changed there. So let’s justify the all-new Coolwalk UI here.

  • The new update focuses on three critical things for drivers: navigation, communication with friends and family, and listening to music.
  • Previously, Google Maps needed to be within reach for drivers. Because Google Maps is now closer to the driver, it is easier for them to access.
  • With the updated fast launcher, you can quickly see the highlights of your media card. This launcher lets you access recently used apps.
  • At one point, Android Auto’s split-screen feature was a failure. After splitting, it could not handle the screen size of different infotainment systems. But now, it is adjustable.
  • You can now access instant music, phone calls, and arrival time sharing with Google Assistant. It also offers convenient suggestions such as missed call reminders and more.

Download the Android Auto 8.7 update from a reputable source.

  • Go to settings > privacy > allow app installation from unknown sources.
  • Locate the downloaded APK file.
  • Tap on the file to begin the installation.
  • Once it finishes, launch the Android Auto app and explore the updated features.

Please note that installing updates from unknown sources can pose a security risk, so be sure to download the APK file from a reputable source. Also, manually installing the update may void your warranty or cause other issues.

Therefore, your device will have the Android Auto 8.7 update installed. If you are a beta tester, you will automatically have access to the Coolwalk user interface once you register. If you are a regular user, wait for a while. Google will soon roll out the update for you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I download Android Auto 8?

Ans. Follow the same steps as described in the update above. Instead of the update button, tap “install,” and you’re done.

Q2. Can I download an older version of Android Auto?

Ans. Yes, you can find it on third-party websites available on the web.

Q3. What is the latest version of Android Auto?

Ans. As of now, Android Auto 8.7 is the latest version.

Q4. Where can I download the Android Auto APK?

Ans. Refer to the guide above and download the Android Auto APK from there.