Free Fire is a top battle royale game developed by 111dots Studio and Published by Garena. The battle royale is known for its unique graphics and gameplay experience. Even it has sufficient In-game content. But, To improve more, they regularly introduce new updates to the game. Recently, you can see the OB35 update rich in new In-game items.

Moreover, the OB35 update has new features, modes, events and optimizations, which gives birth to large file sizes. Still, All high graphic-oriented device holders can download the new update. Regardless, the low device configuration users are always left. For such users, below, we are sharing a guide to helping you do so.

Can we download Free Fire in Low MB?

Garena Free Fire is Celebrating its 5th Anniversary. On behalf of this, They have introduced all new OB35 Updates, including UI optimization, command wheel, weapon adjustment and more. These minor additions facilitate a file size of 57MB. We know this new addition might be challenging for low-end devices to absorb.

Users are also looking for an OB35 Update low MB APK file to run new updates on their devices. Luckily, we got such an APK file associated with the OBB file. So, any low-end device user can easily download the OB35 update and can enjoy it. Below are some instructions to follow up.

Note: Garena Free Fire was earlier banned in India. For, players from India are not recommended to proceed with this guide.

  1. Simply Download APK and OBB file from here.
       Download Free Fire MAX OB35 APK + OBB File
  2. Once downloaded, Install the APK file first.
  3. Now, head to your device storage and look for the Android folder.
  4. Next, Paste the downloaded OBB file into Android/OBB/ Fire
  5. Once done, Open the Free Fire and download additional resources.
  6. That’s it, and You’re done with Installing OB35 Update for low-end devices.

What’s new in Free Fire OB35 Update?

You’ll be surprised to know if we talk about new additions for the OB35 update. In Free Fire OB35 Update, Players can experience a bunch of new things in the game. Moreover, some users have already enjoyed the new in-game content. But, To have a short overlook, just take a look below.

  • War Chest Rework
  • Mode Selection Page
  • UI Optimization
  • New Item “SuperMed”
  • New full-size Map
  • Skill details on Scoreboard
  • Daily Mission
  • Random Perks
  • Customized Safe Zone
  • New SMG “Bizon”
Free Fire: 7th Anniversary
Free Fire: 7th Anniversary

Indeed, These are the significant additions you can experience in all new OB35 Updates. However, some users have already done it because the update was released on the 20th of July. But some low-end users were left. But after learning with our guide, we can expect you can now download the OB35 update in low MB.