Garena Free Fire MAX will introduce a substantial update named “OB37 Update” in the coming days. Free Fire MAX has initially rated as the most enjoyable game ever. However, with every update, players expect something new and above their expectations. Likewise, the coming OB37 update has been filled with many hopes and ideas.

The developers recently posted complete patch notes for such an update. Every player was thrilled with their newly introduced weapons and game modes. Ultimately, all this led to an increase in demand for Free Fire MAX. Players who can’t read the patch notes are eager to learn all the relevant information.

How to download and install Free Fire MAX OB37 Update

The Free Fire MAX OB37 Update is scheduled to release on November 16th, 2022. The Indian server will receive this update between 9 am and 9:30 am IST, as with every new update. Note that before the launch of the OB37 update, the game will not be available to play as it is set for a maintenance break. 

But once it is over, the same will happen with the arrival of the OB37 update. However, the update will be released as per its schedule. What should I do when it is released? Meanwhile, several players still don’t know how to download and install such an update. For this reason, below, we are sharing some instructions.

  • Simply open your web browser.
  • Visit here and download the Free Fire apk file.
  • Once it finishes, head to device Settings and enable the unknown source installation option.
  • After that, tap on the downloaded file to install.
  • Now launch the app and download additional sources (if required).
  • That’s it, and you’re about to jump into the OB37 update.


FREE FIRE OB37 / V2.94.1

Besides that, if we look at the major details in the patch notes. Then you will be surprised to find that the game has improved even further. According to early patch notes, here are some exclusive features we’ll see in the Ob37 Update. Update is avaialble on Google Play Store, and App Store.

New PvE (Player vs. Enemy) Mode: All original modes feature multiple waves of zombies and a final boss. Meanwhile, this redesigned mode evaluates players against multiple waves of zombies and a final boss while providing several supplies via vending machines.

New Weapon – Trogon: To add more excitement to the game, developers have added a new shotgun class weapon with two firing modes – a shotgun and a grenade launcher. Each mode has its capabilities and effects on the enemy.

The New Pet – Arvon: Even if you have a strategy for defeating your enemies. The game requires some more tricky strategies to enjoy it. This is why developers created a pet named Arvon, who has the skill to detect enemies. To give players experience with automated search and get more kills than possible.

New Item – Portable Human Launcher: Before, players had to travel a long distance to reach enemy points. With the upcoming Ob37 update, players can jump a long distance and travel in one go. All thanks to the Portable Human Launcher who made this possible.

Aside from these major changes in the OB37 patch notes, some additional things are likely to appear. These things are football-themed Social Island, Bomb Squad 5v5, redesigned minimap, Clash Squad (Ranked Season 16), Improvement in Crosshair, and other minor things. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When is Free Fire’s next update coming?

Ans. The next update is just around the corner, and it is the OB37 update.

Q2. Will Free Fire urban soon?

Ans. There has been no official announcement from Garena about India’s Free Fire unban date.

Q3.What is the time of the FF update today?

Ans. It is already mentioned in the above guide.

Q4. Will FF max ban in India?

Ans. At this moment, there is no chance of banning Free Fire MAX.